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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Remind me not to piss you off!

Gaming Heads is on a roll with their Sony All-Stars line! Presenting the third in the line: Jak and Daxter from Jak II.

Yes, indeed… They’re releasing a second Jak and Daxter figure. Personally I’d rather seen some other character since there are still plenty for them to tackle in this line. And besides, I’m not completely sold on this version. I have the Muckle/Oxmox version and I actually like that one more than this one. I don’t know. Could be that I’m just too disappointed with them releasing this one instead of another character like Sly Raccoon. I’d also want to see some old-school characters that Sony doesn’t own anymore (Crash Bandicoot or Spyro anyone?).

But enough of my whining.

The statue itself looks okay. I’m saying okay because I’m not blown away by this one like I was with the previous Jak and Daxter. Don’t get me wrong, the figure in itself looks great as is usual with Gaming Heads but I don’t like the base. I loved the faux-grass of the first but I don’t really like the look of this one. Granted, it’s his JET-board and while that thing was frustrating as hell, it’s cool. I just don’t feel it translate as well to resin as they thought. Not to mention that it’s incorrect…

As far as my memory continues to serve me, I believe that only the bottom is the part that should light up. And if the top could also light up, the background should be golden, not blue. And no matter what, it’s just too much blue. It should only be blue around the lines, not the entire surface. I really hope they’re going to change it…

And like with the rest of the line, the exclusive is again a faux-bronze version. And like with Ratchet and Clack, I actually like that version. I even have half a mind to order the exclusive of this one since the board doesn’t look so weird bronzified.

Oh, and did I mention already that you’ll be getting a COH (change of head) with this statue as well? Yes, you’ll be getting Jak sporting his bandana and a head without bandana with both the regular as the exclusive. It’s pretty neat. And it possibly explains why it’s ten bucks more expensive than Ratchet and Clack. I’m glad that they decided to include the COH in both versions and not just the exclusive one since that wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the line since those are just only faux-bronze and don’t include something extra.

But long story short, I don’t really like it. If they’d change the base, I’d definitely order a regular but not like it is now. Which is a shame since I wanted to collect the entire series… Ah well, I still have my Oxmox/Muckle one so even if they don’t change it (and I don’t order it anyway), I still have a Jak II collectible. And perhaps I’ll just order the exclusive version for this one since I do like that one. Of course, it wouldn’t fit with the other two of the line. Arggg.

I wonder if this one will sell out like the previous version did. And I wonder just when they’re going to make some characters that are still on my wanted list…

Playstation All Stars – Jak II:
RP 209.99 USD
Edition Size: 850
More information

Playstation All Stars – Jak II Exclusive:
RP 219.99 USD
Edition Size: 350
More information

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