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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

All men dream – but not equally.

Normally, we’ll be finally getting a PS3 somewhere next week. And then, we can finally play one of Sony’s exclusive series; Uncharted. And it’s quite funny that I can now also tell you that Sideshow Collectibles is also playing along with releasing an Uncharted 3 – Nathan Drake premium format!

And while the definition of Premium Format has been changed to just meaning it’s a 1/4th scale statue, instead of the old definition being 1/4th scale mixed media, this statue is still one of the old meaning. Yes, they also included quite some fabric with this one and boy, does it look nice.

The details on this statue are amazing. His head-sculpt, albeit a bit bland, looks spot on and the sculpted details like the veins on his arms, the soles of his shoes and the watch look amazing. It also looks like his scarf is wired so we’ll probably be able to positioning it. My only gripe is with the base. I don’t get why they didn’t make a full base but instead chose to round it off with a plain black border. It looks weird and it’s also a bit boring. Looking at the elaborate base of Lara Croft, you can see that they could easily make something nicer. I also worry a bit about the details and the fabric. It sure does look nice on the prototype but I wonder how the factory will fare with it.

The exclusive comes with a different gun, namely the Kal-7 Rifle. This is one of those exclusives that don’t really matter to me. I personally feel that it looks weird when he jumps holding that gun. It’s much easier to see him starting to shoot with the 9-MM pistol right when he lands or even when he’s still in the air.

While I do want him, Ingis isn’t that convinced. We’ll see whether or not we’re going to order the exclusive. He sure would look nice next to Lara…

Regular Edition
RP 349.99 USD
Edition Size: TDB
More information

Exclusive Edition
RP 349.99 USD
Edition Size: 500
More information

Nathan Drake Sideshow Exclusive - Uncharted 3 - Premium Format Figure

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