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    My name is Ingis. I’m from Belgium, a little country in the middle of the Western-Europe. I’m born in 1985. I’m getting old.

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    I’m Ikaryas, I’m the one who came up with this idea and decided on the name given to this little project. Did I Mention I’m Crazy comes forth out of the strange looks we get when people see our collection.

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Mass Effect

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    Figure, Review / April 10, 2018

    Be still Mouse. You can change your pants in a moment.

    Only a few companies are really dedicated to their licences. Even less in a world of difficult licences, such as game related ones. Gaming Heads is one of those companies. This review is about the fifth statue in the Mass Effect line. The last instalment of the game series, the third, is already from 2012. Crazy right?
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    Figure, Preview / July 23, 2014

    The next wave looks like a big one.

    And to follow-up on the Garrus post, here's the second one of Gaming Head's Mass Effect line: Liara.
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    Figure, Preview / July 23, 2014

    All right my turn.

    Gaming Heads suddenly announced their brand, spanking new, Mass Effect line.
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    Figure, Preview / March 24, 2013

    Gabby, you’d say the Normandy is a she, not a he, right?

    As some of you already may know, I'm a big fan of  the Mass Effect series. Not only the game itself, but the complete surroundings, including the designs of the ME universe. One thing I really love is the Normandy. I would really love to have one for myself but that is not gonna happen... my parking space is just to small. But the Bioware store is getting me closer to my goal.
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    Bust, Preview / January 26, 2013

    I’m in the middle of some calibrations

    While last time I told my boyfriend of the new bust line Bioware was making, it was him that told me about the second in the line. Now it's time for Garrus to be immortalized into bust form.
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    Bust, Preview / November 17, 2012

    [UPDATED] Metal in truck an excellent iron supplement for maw’s diet!

    *beeberdebeebbeeb* The sound of my cellphone receiving a sms. Not actually a beep since it's the sound Mario growing after eating a mushroom, but it's the best I could type it. So let us just agree that *beeberdebeebbeeb* is the sound of an incoming sms. Insert me reading sms; "There is a bust line announced from Mass Effect, $40 until monday. First one is Mordin." Update: new pictures with correct headset
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    Figure, Preview / October 8, 2012

    Here’s to simply being happily drunk.

    While we only had a teaser image in our last mentioning of this Bishoujo from Kotobukiya, now we finally have almost all the information for you. Like with the last two Tekken Bishoujo releases (Alisa and Asuka), Female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect will also be getting the exclusive treatment. So yeah, there will be an exclusive variant for sale as well but it will be a BioWare store exclusive... Not that it matters, I like that store. Apart from the fact that you have to pay in full when you order even though it's a pre-order...
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    Figure, Preview / August 8, 2012

    Oh crap, a pop-up.

    I haven't played the games yet but Ingis has and I looked over his shoulder multiple times while he did. So I do know what went on and what happened with everybody. Kinda felt like a soap opera... Edit: edition sizes now known
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    Other, Preview / June 12, 2012

    More Mass Effect 3 Litho’s spotted!

    And BioWare released a new lithograph and I like! The previous ones (which can be viewed, but not ordered anymore, here) have already arrived so it was past time that a new one was available. I kid, I kid. But I really need to review the other litho's soon... After my exams, I promise! 
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    Other, Preview / March 24, 2012

    New Mass Effect 3 Lithographs

    I'm kinda starting to dislike BioWare simply because the have the tendency to put on new lithographs without much of an announcement. It's really annoying since I usually want to buy them.