Posted by Ikaryas on March 10, 2021

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Save, no spend your caps!

Another, unexpected, variant of the Fallout Fusion Flea dropped online? Take all my caps!

Lately, especially when looking at our preorder posts, it seems that we’re only interested in a few select companies.
And well… That’s definitely true. One of those companies is The Wand Company that has won us over by making awesome Fallout replica cars such as the original Fusion Flea (and more recently, my big love, Pokémon replicas).

While I generally don’t like repaints, I’ve come to love the beautiful orange Racing Flea, the awesome duo-tone Custom Candy Fusion Flea and the sparkly Lime Green Fusion Flea. I even like the Slocum’s Joe Fusion Flea (which we apparently haven’t reviewed yet). So far, we’re only missing the super lovely Custom Candy No. 19 Racing Flea which I don’t think we’ll ever own…
So I never thought I would want another variant, but to be honest, I never even thought they would release another variant. But lo and behold, they did! And I absolutely adore the color scheme of this one as well.

The combination of the royal purple (or Nuka Cola Quantum purple in this case) with the sparkly blue is just divine and the Quantum branding just works. I also love the yellow accents like the wheel trims, the Chryslus emblem and the (exhaust) grille. The only downside is that this release doesn’t come with a pin like (most of) the other versions. But instead, you get, a rather cool, bottle opener.

Just like the other releases, the car itself will come in a single-color naked box with a colored box sleeve designed especially for this release, a user manual and a commercial/vintage postcard.

This edition will be strictly limited to 800 pieces worldwide and is only for sale on the European and American Bethesda online stores. They are still available when I’m writing this post but don’t wait too long if you want one of these. They tend to sell out quick and soar in aftermarket prices when sold out.

So, are you getting this one? Do you have others of the line? We ordered it as soon as we saw and can’t wait to display it with the rest of the family.

The Wand Company: Fallout Quantum Flea Die-Cast Replica
RP 100 USD / 99,99 EUR
Edition size: 800
Estimated Release: 2021-05-19
Available on: European and American Bethesda online stores

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