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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

I know exactly of what you are capable.

It’s a good time for collectors of Pop Culture Shock products. Not only do they make nice statues, the owner also communicates a lot with the fans. And that’s worth a lot, believe me. What’s also nice is that they’re stepping up their game and producing more and more different statues. Different in terms of scale, materials and license. And their newest product that goes online for pre-order today, is the Akuma Vs. Gouken diorama.

Yes, you read it correctly. If you want one of these, you must not forget that the pre-orders are going live today. To pre-order, you have to send an email to ORDERS@PCSToy.com at precisely 3PM Pacific Time which is is 20:00 (or 10PM) GMT. Today. Emails arriving before 3PM will be disqualified, so you better not click the send button too soon.
But, what is it that you’re going to pre-order? Let me explain.

Years ago, Pop Culture Shock made the first diorama with two Street Fighter characters which were Ryu and Sagat. It had both fighters, well eh, fighting each other with Ryu dealing a painful blow to Sagat. It’s actually a scene which depicts how Sagat got his scar on his chest. Anyhow, it had got both a regular edition (edition size unknown?) as an exclusive version (edition size 125) which lit up. And now, about three years later, we finally get the second diorama which locks Akuma and his brother Gouken in their eternal fight.

While we decided not to start this line back when we first saw the Ryu Vs. Sagat diorama, I have to say that I kinda like this one. Personally, even though I generally rarely like light up features, I think this one is really well done and prefer it over the regular edition.

So, while we don’t need to stay awake tonight, I wonder how anyone that collects Street Fighter and/or has the first diorama can possible pass this one up. The dynamic of this statue, together with well sculpted figures and a great light up, combined with a low edition size of only 200 exclusives and 330 regulars, will definitely cause it to sell out fast.

Pop Culture Shock Regular edition:
RP 300,- USD
Edition Size: 330
More information

Pop Culture Shock Light-Up edition:
RP 350,- USD
Edition Size: 200
More information

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