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  • Ingis

    My name is Ingis. I’m from Belgium, a little country in the middle of the Western-Europe. I’m born in 1985. I’m getting old.

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  • Ikaryas

    I’m Ikaryas, I’m the one who came up with this idea and decided on the name given to this little project. Did I Mention I’m Crazy comes forth out of the strange looks we get when people see our collection.

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?


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    News, Video / November 23, 2012


    One of my favorite films ever has to be The Princess Bride. And now, even a sport channel is showing this movie some love!
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    Geek Stuff, News / August 26, 2012

    Want to do some good?

    And you have money to spare and love Star Wars? Then these auctions might be interesting for you! Edit: auctions have ended. Added the selling price to each of the helmets
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    Geek Stuff, News / April 1, 2012

    It’s THAT day of the year again…

    Sigh. I don't like this day. Granted, people can come up with various interesting and fun things, but I don't like the general public's idea of 'jokes'. But luckily, these people don't really belong in the 'general public' group.
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    News / March 7, 2012

    Who’s strong and brave, here to save the American Way?

    That's right! The Star Spangled Man with a plan! If you got money to burn, you might want to go to attend an auction that will take place on the 14th of April. Yes, that's right, you got about five and a half weeks to gather as much money as you can. Let the bidding begin!
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    Figure, Preview / February 29, 2012

    Oh darn it…

    Sometimes, more often then you think, our boundaries get challenged. This time Sideshow Collectibles' newest PF is slapping us with a white glove. Or in this case, a school uniform and a katana. Edit: edition size of the exclusive is now known
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    Figure, Review / December 12, 2011

    That cursed beast liked the taste of me so well he’s followed me ever since

    Good Mooooooooooooorning Neverland! Tie down the main mast, mateys. 'Cause here he is, the cunning kingfish, the bad barracuda! A man so deep, he's almost unfathomable. A man so quick, he's even fast asleep. Now lets give him a very big hand, 'cause he's only got one. I give you, the steel-handed stingray, Captain James Hook!
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    Other, Preview / November 30, 2011

    I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar!

    One of my all-time favorite tv shows has to be Firefly! It was such a great series and we fans still mourn the fact of FOX their sudden but envitable betrayal. They just sabotaged the series! In the end, only 12 of the, originally made, 14 episodes were aired. When Firefly gained so much fan support over time, they decided to make a film called Serenity (the ship's name in Firefly). But that was a long, long time ago. But Firefly, Serenity and it's crew aren't forgotten and people continue to release all kinds of stuff related to this great series. Especially Quantum Mechanix!
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    News / November 6, 2011

    Look mommy! It’s a glowing Akuma!

    You know I like art. Especially game related art. And I like that art even more when the artist gives it a little twist. How's this for a twist: Street Fighter / Tron?!
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    Geek Stuff, News / October 26, 2011

    Here I am! No, wait, I’m over here!

    I never played Portal. Yeah, I know. Shame on me.
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    News / October 17, 2011

    Kotobukiya + Movie + Bishoujo = Win??

    Kotobikya started a while a go with a new hit in the merchandise world; Bishoujo statues. And they're not stopping... not by a long shot!