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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

One of the most nostalgic suits in history!

If you’d ask me what the most nostalgic suit in the gaming history is, I’d say that there are several. But for Nintendo, one that at least ranks in the top 3 is the Tanooki suit from Super Mario Bros. Well… that’s not true, Raccoon Mario is more recognizable but it isn’t really a suit is it… Well, I’ve always wanted nice resin Mario collectibles and finally, First 4 Figures answered my prayers! 

More then a year ago, I stumbled on images on a Dutch webshop that depicted a new First 4 Figures statue; the Mario . The statue in question wasn’t rumored or announced in any way so I suspected a leak. And I liked it! Finally, we would be getting some nice Mario collectibles in resin instead of the usual PVC. And the first was going to be the Tanooki suit.

While F4F never confirmed nor denied it, I always kept hope that they indeed would release the statue. And finally, they actually released it! And it’s the first in a brand new line! I for one, can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

He measures 15 inches (~38cm) from the base to the tip of his ears which means that he’s the same size as the Sonic line. This is something I really like because these two lines are going to look great next to each other. Of course, they also made an exclusive edition which doesn’t remotely resembles the one that was leaked. While on the leaked image, Mario is wearing the White Tanooki suit, it actually features an additional red scarf and Tanooki Leaf on its own Question Mark Box Base! I personally prefer this exclusive because it’s a real exclusive and not just a color variant and even though I prefer the box’s design from the original games (dark brown bricks), it’s a darn nice exclusive and really the way to go with this statue.

I for one ordered one directly when it became available and I can’t wait to actually have it on display here.

I’m sorry if I come over a bit rambling but I’m still as hyper as I was when I first found out about this when we arrived back home last Sunday.

Super Mario – Tanooki Suit Exclusive:
RP 239.99 USD
Edition Size: 750
More information

Super Mario – Tanooki Suit:
RP 199.99 USD
Edition Size: 2.000
More information

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