Posted by Ikaryas on September 5, 2013

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

It’s a cuddly doom for us

It’s quite rare that a statue manufacturer tries his hands on something else but today, it happened. Gaming Heads released their first plushies from the classic Doom series. And they’re quite cuddly.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when Gaming Heads published on their page that they were going to release two products of a new license today. And I was totally drawing a blank when they said they were going to try something different from statues as well. And I certainly couldn’t have guessed that they were going to make plushies from the Doom franchise. While I loved the original Doom, I certainly love these plushies more. They’re around 6 inches (~15cm) and so cute. I especially love the Pain Elemental and I’ll probably order that one. The Cacodemon is also kinda cute but doesn’t compare to the Pain. It just doesn’t really resemble the one I remember:


You see, it’s far cuter then the plush…

No matter, these are indeed a welcome sight next to their statues and I wonder what licenses they’ll pick up to make plushies from. There are quite some games I’d love to have some (official) pluches!

Doom – Cacodemon Plush:
RP 14.99 USD
Edition Size: NA
More information

Doom – Pain Elemental Plush:
RP 14.99 USD
Edition Size: NA
More information

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