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    I’m Ikaryas, I’m the one who came up with this idea and decided on the name given to this little project. Did I Mention I’m Crazy comes forth out of the strange looks we get when people see our collection.

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

I’m sorry to take the joy out of your joystick, Dr. Wily.

I love Megaman. I hate the games but I love Megaman. Well, hating is a big word, let me explain. I’m rather new in the whole retro gaming business, about five years now, so I never really gamed on a console before that. We started with a NES and some games. One of the first games we bought was Megaman.

He just looks so awesome and even after all those years the graphics don’t bother me, something I can’t say for all the 8bit games. I just love the graphics of 16bit, but 8bit is sometimes just too primitive for me. This is really totally besides the point, so back to Megaman! The game doesn’t look that difficult. Bright colors, cartoony villains, …
But then you start playing, …  Let’s just say I’m happy that the NES controllers aren’t wireless. Makes them easy to retrieve. Also pretty sure everyone around me learned some new words when I was playing, and it ain’t no pretty ones.
Later on I tried X4 on the Playstation with mostly the same result. Still I will try to get all the Megaman games in pristine condition for the collection and is beating one of them on my “to-do-before-I-die” list. Here’s hoping that I will hit the hundred-fifty.

But back to what I really wanted to say, which is about Megaman. Just not the games but a toy representing our 8bit icon.  There isn’t really that much merchandise from him available here in Europe, probably a lot more in Asia. The only what more serious stuff you can buy here is the “assemble-it-yourself” Megaman line from Kotobukiya. I’m pretty sure I can’t assemble the figure like a robot could and the finish of those figures aren’t top notch.
Luckily Bandai released a Megaman, fully assembled and painted on the market. With market I mean everywhere except Europe which makes them very hard to find here. The only option was to import them and hopefully not getting charged with custom fees. We were still debating to get the figure or not when Bandai announced the special version for SDCC2011. A little side note, when we are debating about getting something for the collection it’s mostly our way to delay the purchase until we have enough funds for it. If we really don’t want the figure it’s decided in two minutes and we will not talk about it anymore. But if something keeps coming back, sooner or later you’ll find it here on DIMIC.

Like I said Bandai announced a special version of their so called D-Arts Megaman. It was identical to the one released, only with shiny chrome this time. (For the record I added a picture of the normal one.)  I like shiny stuff so I wanted it badly. One problem, SDCC isn’t exactly around the corner, but luckily for us are collectors everywhere willing to lend a hand.
So this week he arrived with the airmail in a nice box. The first thing I noticed is how small he is. He is really-weely tiny, a mere 13cm tall. The second thing you notice are the many accessories he comes with.
He comes packed with three faces; a neutral, a screaming and an angry one. Two pairs of hands, one pair of closed fists and an open pair. The last two items, besides Megaman himself, are two weaponshots. The first one is his regular gun, witch you can fire three times repeatedly in the game and a heavy blast. You can actually assemble the three blasts in any way you want since they can be taken apart. The figure itself is pretty neat and has many points of articulation. The details on the figure are really nice, so whatever pose you can come op with it, he will look stunning. The possibilities are endless thanks to his articulation points and the many accessories.


One thing I would advice to buy for this one, is a stand so you can pose him flying or kicking through the air. Especially when you are using the blast shot you’ll notice that he’s difficult to balance and will tip over if you bump against the surface he is on. Haven’t found a store here that sells those stands, so if you have any tips, please let me know.
The greatest problem with this figure for me is his height, why not make him a bit bigger? Another, but minor, problem is some paint issues. They’re really small and you need to look for it, but they are present. The prices is a bit steep for such a little guy but you will receive one of the most detailed and complete Megaman figure that is out there. We hesitated, but not that long. Keep in mind that these figures won’t be available for long, like usual.

Bandai released this figure as the first in their new D-arts Rockman line, the regular that is, and announced already two other figures, namely Zero and Megaman Full Armor. In some pictures from conventions there is also Met (a little bad guy from the game) with explosion and a upgrade chamber displayed and I really hope Bandai will release those too. Again added some pictures of this items after my own images. Despite some negative points I will surely buy the whole line and will make a kick-ass diorama with them sometime.


Item reviewed: Megaman D-Arts: Megaman SDCC Exclusive
Type: PVC
Manufacturer: Bandai
Variations: non-shiny (regular edition)
Rarity: Since it’s a SDCC exclusive, you’ll probably won’t find this guy in every shop. Is quite expensive on Ebay.

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