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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Catherine – Stray Sheep Edition

It’s been a while but finally we’re back with another special edition! Last one I did was Sonic Generations last year. So, say hi to a game that’s not only really weird but also has a somewhat decent special edition: Catherine!

First off, let me start with saying that I just love the box art! All the sides, including the sides and top/bottom which are those that most publishers tend to forget, are simply gorgeous. The inner box however is a pain to get out which is very annoying. I hate it when I have to almost damage my boxes to get it’s contents out. Anyhow, when you finally pry the inner box out of there, you’ll get a box printed like a pizza box. Too bad it isn’t actually shaped like one… Would have absolutely loved that. When you open the pizza box, you’ll have a tshirt, two coasters, an artbook with a cd holder page, a poster and the game itself.

The box is really one of my favorite items in this edition. It isn’t made of crappy quality and I love ‘fun’ items. The same goes for the two coasters. I would never dare to actually use them but I still like them. Still it’s a bit of a shame they only included two and not three. I have the feeling that Katherine gets forgotten more than she deserves. Three coasters would have been better.

The tshirt is printed with the RAVE text on a pink background and also isn’t of that bad quality. Don’t know how long the print would hold up but still. At first I loved this tee and it was something I’d wear but my sizing expectation came through again. It’s a size XL. Taking in account that I always have at least S and usually even XS, you can safely say that I can swim in it…
Which is a darn shame but I’m getting used to it. The free tshirts or tshirts inside special editions never, ever fit me. Still makes me want to cry sometimes…

The artbook with the soundtrack was a pre-order bonus here but I think it should normally always be included. Don’t know for sure though. Too bad it’s not really an artbook. Don’t get me wrong, there is some artwork in it but it mostly consists of Catherine and it’s more like renders then actual artwork. There is also some character information in it and that’s about it. The cd is just included in a plastic see-through holder on the last page. Of course I put it directly in my laptop and listened to it. Since I haven’t been able to play the game itself yet I can only guess at the weirdness of it. But judging it on the soundtrack included, 11 numbers of the 34 on the complete game soundtrack, it must be quite weird.

The last item, before the game itself, is one huge poster of Catherine. And when I say huge, I mean huge! On one side, it’s awesome that it’s so big but on the other side… It’s folded so many times that it’s just making me sad. I still hope that I can frame it someday and that those folds will wear away.

And really lastly, the game itself. It’s in a standard game case. Nothing special. But I really like that they at least tried to make something different. You can reverse the cover! Isn’t that nice? On one side you have Katherine and on the other Catherine. Sounds weird when said aloud… Both have their charms and are making it me hard to decide which one to have on the outside. Do you have a favorite? Let me know!

One of this edition’s biggest pro’s was that it was the same price as the regular edition. That aside, I still kinda like this edition simply because of the pizza box and the coasters. I also liked the tshirt but alas, it comes in XL which means I can wrap myself in it multiple times. The soundtrack is nice but the artbook is a bit of a let down since there isn’t much art in it.
But, if you want this game and don’t mind spending the retail price for it, why not just buy this edition? Maybe it will even go down in price later on simply because of the weirdness of this game.

– I really like the pizza box even though it’s for one weird pizza…
– Very large poster
– Alternate covers
– Same price as regular edition
– An XL tshirt? Really guys?
– Pretty crappy artbook… not enough art!
– Where are my boxers?!


Item reviewed: Catherine – Stray Sheep Edition
Type: game, Xbox 360
Variations: Normal edition (just the game) and the US special; Love is Over Edition with a different Tshirt, a different pizza box and; a boxershort and a pillowcase. The rest is the same.
Rarity: Absolutely not rare. You can still buy this in our local game shop.

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