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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

The Eight and the One

Gaming Heads is back and this time with something new for their Elder Scrolls license! While this is part of that license, it’s part of a brand new line, namely the Shrine Series.

As you might know, the realms of the Elder Scrolls are littered with gods and deities. You can pick up a stone and don’t even have to throw it to hit one. Yeah, they got a lot of competition over there… But while there are many, the most known or notable are the Nine Divines or as they’re also known the Eight and the One.

The Nine Divines are made up of eight Aedra (gods) and the human war-god hero Talos (Tiber Septim). It is believed that the eight Aedra sacrificed parts of themselves in order to form the planet Nirn. But as interesting as that is, we’re going to talk about the One simply because that’s also the one that Gaming Heads choose to immortalize in statue form.

Tiber Septim, or Talos, was the greatest hero the empire has ever known. During his time as Emperor, he conquered all of Tamriel and brought a peace to the nine provinces that no one ever thought was possible. He then brought forth the closing of an era and lead a unified continent to the beginning of the Third Era. He was unmatched in the arcane power of “Thu’um”, also known as The Voice, or “Dragon Shouts”, due to dragons also being known for using this ability but lost this ability when a hired hit-man slit his throat. Still alive after that, he ruled the empire with a whisper.

Fascinating. Anyhow, the statue is based on the shrines you can find scattered all over Skyrim. The shrine depicts Talos standing powerfully upon a giant serpent, about to deal the death blow. Poor snake…
He’s a approximately 14 inch (or 35.5 cm) which makes him 1/6th scale and has an edition size of 350 for the exclusive and 750 for the regular.

The difference between the exclusive and the regular, next to the edition size and price of course, is the fact that the exclusive received the bronze treatment. You know, just like their Jak and Daxter statue. But unlike that one, I actually like it on this shrine. So much in fact that I still can’t decide which version I like better, the bronzed or the stone version… Ah well, I still got time to decide.

The regular edition is also already wait-listed which kinda surprised me. I know that Skyrim/The Elder Scrolls are popular but I never guessed that they would be this popular. You might however still find the regular in a local shop or jump on the wait-list on the Gaming Heads website.

Normal edition
RP 179.99 USD
Edition Size: 750
More information

Exclusive edition
RP 199.99 USD
Edition Size: 350
More information

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