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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Bonjour monsieur pussycat!

While I’ve seen a lot of the Tom and Jerry cartoons while I was a child, I’ve only came to fully appreciate them when we bought the DVD collection years back. I remember watching them all with my husband then and loving (and cringing at) the things you didn’t notice when you were a kid. So when I came across the new Soap Studio creation, I couldn’t resist!

Back in November 2018, Soap Studio already debuted the “Get Animated” series collection which included a very nice, Chinese themed, Tom and Jerry statue. I absolutely adore the rendition (it’s a Foo Cat!) but am not that convinced of the paint application.

As these were limited to 150, and released about two years ago, I’m glad that I’m not too fond of the color scheme… Imagine if I was. These kind of niche collectibles are rarely sold on the secondary market so if you miss out, prepare for a long hunt.

But why am I posting about a pre-order that happened long ago and we didn’t buy (thus making this not a review type of post)? Well, they decided to release a variant of the “Get Animated” Tom and Jerry statue! And this version, I do love!
And is currently sitting in our pre-orders…

Yes! They now made the same statue but in marble look and dubbed it, very surprisingly, the “White Marble Edition” and it looks stunning! The only better look I could imagine would be a jade version (with a golden Jerry)… And I would be royally f-ed if they’d decide to release such a version on a later date because I’m not sure if I could resist such a version…

But on the “White Marble Edition”.

Just like the previous version, this one is about 28 cm high, 28 cm wide and has a 46 cm depth and is made out of resin. But unlike the colors used on the Animated one, this one is painted to resemble white marble and Jerry is silver plated. I’m really curious to see if they’ll pull it off realistically as I imagine it isn’t the easiest thing to paint… As these are hand-painted, it would mean that each and every version of this statue is indeed unique which gives it a nice touch.

In addition to this unique and detailed texture, each piece also comes with a Tik Ka from East autographed certificate of authenticity.

So, how much will this amazing statue set you back? Well, if you look at the company’s website, it’s being sold there for 2,880 Hong Kong Dollar which converts to about 370 USD. So if you’re in the States, you might want to look locally as some websites have it for about 365 USD. We, in Europe, found it for 479 EUR, which is a lot more expensive but we have import fees and high shipping to take into account if we want to order from across the border…
It’s actually still cheaper to buy locally then to import it… Insane isn’t it…

Well, enough with the talking, let’s take a look at them.

On another small note, they also have a Sylvester and Tweety version in the same style. Why I didn’t preview them? Because I like them less and thus didn’t order them… But if you’re interested in them as well, it’s also available on the Soap Studio website.

Soap Studios x Tik Ka From East: Tom and Jerry White Marble Edition
RP 2,880.00 HKD (~370 USD)
Edition size: 188

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