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    My name is Ingis. I’m from Belgium, a little country in the middle of the Western-Europe. I’m born in 1985. I’m getting old.

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    I’m Ikaryas, I’m the one who came up with this idea and decided on the name given to this little project. Did I Mention I’m Crazy comes forth out of the strange looks we get when people see our collection.

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Rise, Conquer, Rule

Just when I thought I was finished with Sideshow Collectibles, they drag me between Hell and Heaven with this new line of theirs!
Note: beware, it’s a long post. And I mean, LOOOONG!

Well… I’m saying that it’s a new line but to be honest, we learned of the existence of this line from last years SDCC. During that event, images emerged of a gruesome creature holding his entrails and of a beautiful woman with the air of a queen and creepy goblins hiding underneath her skirt. I was sold on both of them. Ingis, however, only liked the Queen.

But while we loved the Queen of the Dead, she didn’t fit in with the rest of our collection and besides, we need to watch our space and money as well. So we didn’t order her. But still, we, or at least I, couldn’t stop looking at her (or both of them in my case). And now, just before SDCC 2014, they really reeled us, and many collectors as well, in with their brand new site solely for this line: The Court of the Dead!

Note: I’m only talking about their 1/4th scale (Premium Format) ones. They already released a Legendary Scale figure as well (The Reaper: Death’s General) and he was awesome and already quite expensive… But he isn’t mentioned on the website itself anywhere, but does appears in the movie below I believe, so I won’t talk about him here. Which is a shame. Because I really liked him… Too expensive though… And too big… Awww…

But! I’ve got a but!

SSAlex, a poster on the forums from Sideshow answered some questions regarding the Reaper. The question in question (haha) was if Demithyle was definitely the Reaper LSF or not. He also asked if he would be reworked or redone? And if Mortighull is going to be a smaller version of the Reaper with some differences.
Here’s the answer:

Simply, Demithyle is the first Reaper general. Mortighull is the next Reaper general that took Demithyle’s place.

Demithyle and Mortighull will share some similarities in design but there will be differences as well. Mortighull will be smaller than the first Reaper General.

Which still isn’t an answer on whether or not he’ll be redone but since his image (Demithyle) says ‘Rising Soon’, I suspect he’ll be redone in 1/4th scale. Whoopdiedoo!

Here’s the video that really tipped the scales for me personally on our decision to not only buy some of the pieces but perhaps even collect the line. Of course, the little stories they tell about each of the characters also really helps in selling them. I absolutely love those little background stories!

Not all characters have been fully revealed as of yet but just you keep watching this page; I’ll update it whenever new information rises from the grave and I’ll let you know on Twitter and Facebook as well! Ain’t that grand?


Queen of the Dead

Death’s first creation, the Spirit Borne Gethsemoni is a being fashioned from raw Flesh; her mind coalesced from the collective subconscious of humanity — as such, her form echoes the expectations of the living.

Beautiful and flawless to behold, This resident of the realm of shadows glimmers like a jewel in the darkness. But be warned: the Queen of the Dead’s countenance is naught but a distraction. Her mercurial mood and unfettered ambitions make her a dangerous and volatile player in Death’s Court whose loyalty to her King is often questioned… but only in the most terrified of whispers.

The first of this Court of the Dead line is Gethsemoni, or Queen of the Death. While they only released the website a short while ago, Queenie here has been available for pre-order for some time now. She was first showcased together with The Red Dead (see below) during SDCC 2013 and we both instantly loved her. Shortly after that, she was available for pre-order but like I stated before, we didn’t bite. Yet.

While she looked (and still looks) amazing, we were both worried about her since we’ve received numerous statues from Sideshow Collectibles with flaws and/or bad paint application. Especially the paint application leaves me worried since they managed to screw up simpler statues then this one. Luckily, there isn’t an exclusive so we can order her locally. European whole sellers always receive the statues months later than when should you yourself purchase them directly via Sideshow. So, that means that we can cancel her should problems arise.


Court of the Dead – Gethsemoni: Queen of the Dead
RP 379.99 USD
Edition Size: 3000
More information


The Red Death

In the dim recess of Avarkus’ mind he recalls his mortality. Sometimes in those memories he is a miser, hoarding gold and cruelly extorting pain and pleasure from those weaker than he. Yet at other times he remembers himself as a pauper – a victim always craving a life of excess forever held out of reach.

It matters not which memory is real. The hunger… the cravings to partake of the excesses of mortality is always in the tormented mind of the Red Death. And so he drifts between the realms, driven to forever seek out the those corrupted by greed and claim their souls as his own.

The second one is Avarkus, or The Red Death, which was available for order shortly after Queenie. While I love him (just look at how gory he is, awwwwww), Ingis doesn’t like him. Of course, he isn’t that thrilled by gruesome looking statues as I can be. Like with Queenie, Reddie here also doesn’t have an exclusive. Seem to me that they made it a trend. Actually, I’m really hoping they did…

Oh, and did I mention that this one has a light-up base? It looks kinda neat.


Court of the Dead – Avarkus: The Red Dead
RP 379.99 USD
Edition Size: 1000
More information


Death’s Siren

In life, the entity that would be known as Gallevarbe was an assassin who used seduction as an instrument of execution. Remade by Death as a reaper of souls, Gallevarbe swims the vast oceans of thought and imagination that separate the realms of Heaven and Hell, always hunting for the lost spirits who dared attempt escape the long grasp of her new Master.

The next one is another that we both loved; Gallevarbe, a creepy looking siren/mermaid dragging the shrunken bodies of her victims with her. Not yet released as a pre-order, they did however release her information and pictures of the prototype. She looks so AWWWWWWSOME! I love the beautiful maiden above the water and feel a pleasant chill riding my spine when looking at the detailed gruesomeness below the waves. What’s also really neat is the fact that her top looks to be cast-off. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I certainly hope it does come off. But even if it doesn’t, she’s still high on my wanted list.

Ohhh, and it looks like it’s cast-off. At least, it was intended to as the sculptor (Mark Newman) stated:

It was originally designed to be topless. We added a switch out top for thought who can’t really handle all that natural female anatomy.

Here’s hoping they don’t glue the pieces together and still give us the option to remove the chest-piece!

While 20$ more expensive than the previous two, I still consider her a good price. People on the forums where already dreading that she would past he 400$ mark. I’m glad she didn’t but I’m quite sure some of these will eventually.

Court of the Dead – Gallevarbe: Death’s Siren
RP 399.99 USD
Edition Size: TBD
More information soon


Valkyrie of the Dead

Borne the vestigial twin to a Valkyrie of Heaven, Kier was broken and incomplete – an abomination in the eyes of the Heavenly Host. And so she was cast into the void between realms to wither and die. This is where Death found her, and within her pitiful form saw a reflection of what he once had been – A helpless and lost child unwanted by both the powers of Heaven and of Hell.

And so, for the first time in many an age, Death raised a new creation by his own hand: a loyal daughter who would stand at his side. The Valkyrie of Death, a warrior who serves her father by scavenging the unwanted souls broken by the battlefield and giving them a new purpose – a chance at redemption within the ranks of Death’s secret army.

The last one with a bit of information is Kier. We don’t have much apart from the text above, some concept art and some brief appearances in the general movie shown above. I can’t wait to see the full reveal on this one and the remaining ones from the Court of the Dead! I can’t wait ’till this years SDCC since Sideshow Collectibles already announced that all of the Court would be there!

Court of the Dead – Kier: Valkyrie of the Dead
Edition Size: TBD
More information soon

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