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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

I am more of a sister to Kitana than you.

Pop Culture Shock finally releases some Mortal Kombat babes for their Klassic Line; Mileena and Jade!

While I think that the ninja’s that Jerry (owner of Pop Culture Shock) already released (for pre-order that is) are awesome, I always had a soft spot for the ladies. And finally, he’s not just releasing both Jade and Mileena but also at the same time.

For those not familiar with these two, Jade is a childhood friend of Princess Kitana while Mileena is a clone of the latter. The three of them served Shao Kahn as his personal assassin for most of their life and while Jade is friendly towards Kitana, Mileena however want’s nothing more then kill her so she can claim her existence for her own.

While these appear to be quite simple in design, they’re actually pretty accurate to their Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 sprites which is exactly what they advertised when they started their Klassic Line. The only thing that really bugs me is Jade’s skin color. She was much darker in UMK3! I altered one of the statue’s pictures to show you the skin color she should have according to her in-game sprite:

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3: Jade (sprite)

You can see this change in the last image of the gallery. And while the skin color is correct regarding the latest MK games, this statue is still based on the UMK3 version and thus should have the darker skin color.

Jerry already stated the following on Statueforum:

We might go a little more tan in production but they don’t want her too dark.
~ PopCultureShock @ statueforum.com

I really hope they go as dark as in my altered image… It would differentiate her more from Mileena which isn’t a bad thing at all since they’re so much alike.

While Jade comes with her bo (a long staff), Mileena comes with her signature sai’s (a kind of dagger). Both sport the exact pose which is slightly altered thanks to the choice of weaponry. Apart from the different kind of weapons, Mileena also comes with a different head-sculpt: her face that’s twisted by the Tarkatan DNA which gave her a large mouth rimmed with long, sharp teeth and and orange sharp eyes much like Baraka.

While these don’t explicitly have an exclusive variant, one can argue that Mileena is the exclusive version of Jade since, like with the ‘normal’ regular-exclusive editions, Mileena warrant’s for less discount than Jade. Also, Mileena includes a switch-out head which is something typical for an exclusive. But on the other hand, Mileena has a larger edition size and will be available through retailers…

So, let’s give you a bit of standard information just like last times regarding the possible payment plans (Mileena/Jade):

  • A non-refundable deposit of $80,-/$100,- USD with the balance of $269,99/$249,99 USD (plus shipping) due once the item is ready for delivery.
  • Payment plan of 3 payments of $328.98/$110,83 USD – 6%/5% discount
  • A 13%/12% discount for a non-refundable pre-payment in full. Your total will be $307.99/$314,99 USD with shipping due when the item is ready for delivery.

Pre-order began at 3PM Pacific Standard Time on Monday February 17th. More details (and pictures) can be found on the official site. And while these still aren’t sold out, I don’t doubt that they will, and soon. And when they are, and when the ninja’s finally arrive and are all kinds of awesome, people will hunt these down filled with regret.

RP 349.99 USD
Edition Size: 450
More information

RP 349.99 USD
Edition Size: 200
More information

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