Posted by Ikaryas on January 16, 2014

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

I’m going to blow up the whole damn planet!

And in the spirit of finally posting already released stuff (albeit for pre-order), I present to you; Shadow the Hedgehog from First 4 Figures! 

Yes, the second one in the Modern Sonic the Hedgehog line is Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast. Being created by Professor Gerald Robotnik (the grandfather of Dr Robotnik/Eggman), Shadow is immortal and thus, doesn’t age. But he does die, as apparent  in the ‘death’ scene at the end of the game. But the fan base of Shadow grew and grew and eventually resulted in his reappearance and even in his own game. But like I said before, the newer games sucked…

But luckily, this statue doesn’t. It’s a great representation of Sonic’s nemesis. The sculpt looks great and so does the paint. They even said that they’re going to alter the color of the rings to a more shiny gold. Can’t wait.
Even though I still don’t like the fries coming out of his feet, I have to admit that it looks better in person. Although having a different styled base than Sonic, these are going to look great next to each other racing to see who’s the best.

And like usual, the exclusive edition comes with a light-up feature; it has flames coming from Shadow’s boots that flicker in an alternating pattern to capture the full effect of Shadow in action. These lights slowly fade away after they are switched off which is kinda neat. Shadow comes with an edition size of 600 for the exclusive and 1.500 for the regular. Which means that there are 150 less Shadows than Modern Sonics for both editions. Good thing not everybody collects an entire line…

Both editions are already wait-listed so if you want one, don’t hesitate too long. You might still find the regular in local (web)shops. He’s expected to ship sometime around now so I’m hoping that we have this and our replacement of our Modern Sonic around the same time so I can finally review them.

Normal Edition
RP 214.99 USD
Edition Size: 1.500
More information

Exclusive Edition
RP 229.99 USD
Edition Size: 600
More information

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