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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Get over here!

Like I mentioned a while (almost 3 months) ago, Pop Culture Shock acquired a new license; Mortal Kombat. They also already announced their first MK statue which would be of Scorpion. Since he’s one kick-ass character and all-time favorite of most people who ever played any of the Mortal Kombat games, he was wildly anticipated. And today he finally went in pre-order. So, get over here!

I’d like to start with saying that we were also looking forward to his reveal. But since we had to work today and don’t have a cellphone or something with internet access, we had to recruit one of our friends to order one exclusive from SideShow Collectibles. Not that we had to since he still isn’t sold out, but hey, this girl just don’t like taking chances. Especially since that Bucky debacle. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Quick break down: went on waitlist, guys getting pulled off of said waitlist before me while placing their order after me, contacting helpdesk, figuring out that SSC highly prefers people who place their orders non-plexpay (aka, coughing up the whole amount in one shot). So technically, SSC upholds two different waitlists; one for flexers and one for the rich guys. Sorry SSC, but since you make to many nice statues that we don’t want to miss, and since we’re both just students with a Saturday job, we use that flex pay option quite a lot…

Aaaaaaaanyhow… Let’s get back on the subject.

Since said friend doesn’t collect merchandise or stuff like that, I’ve been quite nervous all day. Moreover since we didn’t know what the exclusive would be. But we told him to order the ‘Scorpion Exclusive from Pop Culture Shock on the SideShow Collectibles website as a flex pay’ anyhow. And he came trough. I viewed our conformation mail myself when we got home. After that, we directly went to view the photos on the website. And man, am I disappointed!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the sculpt and paint of this statue. But there are some things that bugger me, and quite a lot to be frank. The thing that bothers me the most is the exclusive part, namely the switchable head. It looks terrible. I like the skull. I even like the idea of his skull enveloped by flames, but not this! This looks more like Ghost Rider with a bad hair day than the menacing Scorpion. Why didn’t he do just the skull? Or made him like M. Bison’s hand (he’s coming soon, promise)? A skull, engulfed in clear resin or whatever that stuff is, would have been freaking awesome! And we know Jerry can do that, he’s one of those guys that could have made that happen. So… why didn’t he? Luckily, he’s looking into supplying another head, just the skull alone, for the exclusive version. So that would take our head count to three. I’m hoping he will do this since I really don’t like the one he made now. Of course, I didn’t like Felicia at first. Bad pictures can ruin a great deal. But still…

The statue itself looks awesome. I love the details they put into his armor and especially hist back side. Gotta love a good set of buttocks like that! The pose is another thing that I really like about this statue. It’s his signature move after all. The chain looks awesome but I’m holding my heart to see whether he’ll arrive safe and sound. It looks like a fragile thing. Also the base is quite interesting although I’m not quite sure about that lava part. But we’ll see about that when he arrives.

Another of the major downsides is, is the edition size. It’s rather… big… There will be 1.000 made in total with 300 of them as exclusive. It’s a bit… much. Certainly not what we’re used of Pop Culture Shock. But we’re suspecting that the license was too expensive too make less then that. Also Warner Bros. (owner of the Mortal Kombat license) probably had a little say in the matter. Still, it’s a lot. Here’s hoping on a low number!

Scorpion is scheduled to be released in the end of this year (December) according to our flex pay schedule. Now, we’re hoping on another or a different exclusive head to make this statue even greater! Oh, and did I mention that this statue is made in 1/4th scale? Fully sculpted! At least, I believe so. The chain looks real and not sculpted… So maybe mixed media after all? And oh! I almost forget, it also has some glow in the dark details! I remember having glow in the dark sheep on my ceiling! I loved those sheep… Too bad I don’t have them anymore…

Normal edition:
RP 314.99 USD
Edition Size: 700
More information

Exclusive edition:
RP 324.99 USD
Edition Size: 300
More information

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