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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

My sword arm’s getting flabby.

What better way to forget about being sick then running for your life for a dragon? Maybe slaying one…

Well, one of the games that lets you do both things is Bethesda’s newest addition to their Elder Scrolls saga; Skyrim. Of course, this isn’t a game review site (yet), so let me show you the Collector’s Edition of this game!

We pre-ordered this edition when it first came available but some time after, we decided to cancel it. Afterwards, perhaps not the wisest decision since it skyrocketed in price. Of course, the only reason we wanted this edition was because of the artbook. We didn’t feel like spending a lot for this edition just for the artbook and dragon that we suspected on turning out ugly like most included figurines. And since it was quite a lot of extra money for these two items, we decided to wait for a complete edition or something like that. We bought the artbook seperately some time later locally and didn’t really think about this edition again. That is, until I saw it appear on sale for a measly 30 EUR (~40 USD) on the website of our local game store instead of the retail price of 150 EUR (~200 USD). Yeah, didn’t really have to think twice. We bought it. And let me tell you, it’s definitely worth the 30euro we’ve spend on it.

Well, I didn’t really expect the box to be so big… Or so heavy. It does makes me feel more positive about the included figure. At least it won’t be like the one included with the Sacred 2 special edition (aka, so incredible tiny). The first thing in the box is the artbook that we already have. It’s filled with scetches, cinematic panels and nice artwork. That thing alone makes the price point worth it. Note, I’m not talking about the original pricetag…

The next item is the game case. As you might notice, the pictures of this has been shot on a different background which is just because I couldn’t find it when I took the other pictures… Finally found it after clearing out the ‘go-to-storage-boxes’. The back of the case looks just like the book while the front also has the title. I really like the simplistic design of these two items. It’s pretty. Anyhow, the case includes the booklet, game disc (not pictured because Ingis was playing it), a map and a bonus disc. Unfortunately the disc isn’t rip-able so I still have it here while the edition is stored away…

The bonus disc has movies with people telling how great the game is and the making of, which is kinda lengthy but not that uninteresting. And the best part? It has subtitles (English, French and German). Yay.

The map is kinda nifty because it’s printed on paper that kinda feels like cloth. It’s the next best thing after cloth maps. Of course, cloth still beats paper. Still.

And lastly, the dragon figure. Like I suspected, the figure isn’t that tiny because the box it houses is almost as big as the outer box. It also comes with instructions which aren’t really needed. And while I wasn’t expecting that much of it, I love the dragon! It’s detailed and nicely painted. It really looks nice unless you look at it with a macro lens. The base is everything that the figure itself is not. It’s bland, ugly and extremely plastic looking. It’s a shame really that they didn’t make it as nice as the figure.

While I want to like this edition, I don’t. Not really. The only good thing about it is the artbook even though the dragon figure itself (not the base) surprised me positively. Definitely get that book if you like the game or the series. Only got this edition because of the cheap price. You’re better of with the Premium or Legendary Edition…

– Beautiful artbook
– Dragon is pretty nice
– Not a standard game case
– Papercloth map
– Not a lot of extra’s.
– Dragon base is ugly
– Dragon is nice but overrated

Item reviewed: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Collector’s Editions
Type: game, Xbox 360
Variations: Normal edition (just the game), EB Games Exclusive (SteelBook case, 100 Page A5 Skyrim Debossed Notebook, Premium Physical Map & 4 Collectable Art Cards), Premium Edition (World Map, T-shirt with Skyrim logo, The Infernal City Skyrim novel, 6 concept art Skyrim postcards & Bonus Disk) & Legendary Edition (Dawnguard, Heartfire & Dragonborn DLC).
Rarity: Rare and expensive. Was extremely lucky to get this one for this price!

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