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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

An impressive-looking blade… but nothing more.

There are a few companies that I really love and First 4 Figures is definitely on top of that list. But even though I love them, they’re making some weird choices lately that I absolutely don’t approve of. Like increasing edition sizes after the announcement (and thus after receiving my order for the statue). But what they’re doing now, rrrrrrrreally pisses me off!
Edit: edition size of the exclusive is now known

I know, a weird intro for a statue preview but I can’t help it. I’m just generally pissed off. They decided to put the edition size of both the exclusive as the regular as TBD (= To Be Determined). You just don’t do that. It’s also the main reason (together with the getting-worse-quality) that I’m cutting down on Sideshow purchases. That, and the ever more increasing prices. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still buy First 4 Figures statues even with those price increases simply because I love their products and the company itself, but they’re trying really hard to push me off. I told them numerous times; keep the ES of the exclusive low and put a TBD on the regular. That way collectors are happy because they got an edition size prior before ordering and ‘regular’ fans are happy because there will be enough produced to get one. These kind of actions just really worry me because it usually ends up badly for the company in question and I don’t want F4F to go.
There’s a whole debate going on over at facebook regarding this TDB nonsense (with me on the lead).
Luckily, they were so kind to offer a compromise. Instead of capping off the edition size after one month, they agreed to do it after 48 hours. While this action still removed much of the pre-order magic (the long waiting, the constant refreshing of the page, …) it’s still a lot better then the one month thing.

Anyway, this is a statue preview, not a rant post, so previewing it is!

Finally, after years of following this company, they’re going to produce a Ganondorf. And not just any Ganondorf! An 1/4th scale, mixed media one with interchangeable heads! Yes, this will be the third (I’ll never count the Link on Epona one as part of this series) in the Master Arts Line and he’ll be awesome.
I really like the fact that his cape is pose-able, it’s a nice touch, and I just love it that they went for something else then a light-up feature this time, namely a change-of-head. That’s right! Finally something extra instead of some fancy lights which I usually don’t like at all because we never use it anyway.

Even though the price tag will be painful, and the edition size hasn’t been named, I’ll order him simply because
A) We already have the other two in this line (Zant and Wolf Link & Midna) so our number is set (121)
B) I love The Legend of Zelda and have been waiting for a decent Ganondorf for a long time and he’s decent alright!
C) I love F4F products and know they’ll deliver good quality.
Still, coughing up XXX USD (not including shipping) is going to be a pain. Luckily, they do offer flex pay and they included a coupon code in their newsletter.

Exclusive: -30$ [ GDH2K36 ]
Regular: -25$ [ JCI62M ]
both are valid until September 7th 2012

Granted, it won’t make all the difference in the world but it does make for a nice gesture. Now I only wish they keep the edition size of the exclusive at 500 tops. 250 like Zant or 350 for Midna (original edition size before the increase) would be even better but 500, I can still live with.

Oh, and they also are getting better at announcement videos. These didn’t get me nauseous at all which the others, like the new Sonic ones, did. Hooray for them.

Normal edition:
RP 449.99 USD
Edition Size: TDB
More information

Exclusive edition:
RP 479.99 USD
Edition Size: 750
More information

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