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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

It’s business. Monkey business!

Look what I got in the mail today! Well, actually, I got a postal slip in the mail yesterday and went to the post office today to pick the package up. But close enough.
It was a nice package from my friends over at the StarWarsShop. Well, I paid for that package so technically, we’re not friends but hé, let a girl dream.

edit: since the change on the StarWarsShop, they don’t offer this product anymore. I included a link to the manufacturer who still does.

I ordered The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Guybrush vs. LeChuck Statue about 2 1/2 weeks ago so I kinda knew what it was in the box. Still, unwrapping is fun. I’ve looking at that statue for quite some time now. Since it was still priced $89.99 but it never convinced me enough to buy it, even though I’m a huge Monkey Island fan. Then it was $49.99. Still I hesitated. Mainly because the shipping is quite high: I paid $25.95 to get the sucker here… But then, on a fateful Saturday evening after a days work, I noticed an email I didn’t see before. It was a notice from the StarWarsShop that they were doing a sale:

StarWarsShop is offering 40% off ALL in-stock products — that’s the biggest discount we’ve EVER offered! You have to act fast, though, since the sale will only last 3 days (March 18-20). The 40% discount will be applied automatically to all in-stock products in your cart during the last step of checkout.

Needless to say, I jumped right to it. You can hardly hesitate to buy it for the mere price of $29.99, right?! And I have to say, I’m glad I did.

please note: the statue is kinda dirty and has some cheap Styrofoam on it… I’m going to take better pictures of it later (when our little place is done and when we’ve got a better camera). Don’t worry, I’ll notify you 😉

The piece came unassembled in a small, but rather nice, box. Normally this is not a problem but in this case, it is simply because the pieces don’t really fit that well. I haven’t tried forcing them down because I knew I had to take it apart after I’ve taken the pictures. Maybe it fits better if you’d use some force, I’ll find out later when I can actually display it.

The base feels very light, especially when you compare it to one of SideShow or Kotobukiya even. On the bottom is some text like the logo of the game, the manufacturer, the limited edition number (I got 454 :D) and some legal gibberish. Next to that (the lightness and the bad fit) this is one killer statue! The sculpting is very good although I must admit Guybrush doesn’t really look like him. But that doesn’t really bother me when I look at the general display. You just fall in love  with the dramatic end-boss pose and who doesn’t adore LeChuck? There are some small details that makes this statue a delight to look at, like the broken wooden board behind LeChuck’s foot or the treasure chest. The colors they used are vibrant and well fitted. The blue is strange in the beginning but the longer you look at it, the more logical it becomes. He is after all the Ghost Pirate Le Chuck. I’ve also noticed no flaws like paint bubbles or misses which is a extremely rare (and good) thing these days (heads up SideShow).

The outer box is nice, one side of it that is. You can view the front on the first picture above. The back is exectly the same but with some screaming logo’s on it (from LucasArts, Symbiote Studios, StarWarsShop, …) which I don’t really like. I like plain or discrete. The statue comes packed in very cheap, fluffy Styrofoam that makes your skin crawl and sticks on everything. Even though it’s cheap, it does it job at protecting everything well. The pieces are separately packed and stored and there has to happen a lot before anything can happen to them. Which is a very good thing. Nobody likes a broken statue…

If you’re a Monkey Island fan and you like statues, I can sincerely recommend this one. Even though the resin feels a bit cheap both the sculpting and the paint are well done. You get your worth even at the ‘standard price’ it’s available for now, but remember, once the 1000 are gone you most likely won’t find this one again. Those who buy it are most likely people who want to keep it.
And don’t forget, this is the only available statue for that wonderful game. That makes it extra hard not to like it 🙂

Item reviewed: The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, Guybrush VS LeChuck
Type: resin statue
Manufacturer: Symbiote Studios
Variations: No variations.
Rarity: Easy to find and not to expensive (currently $49.99. 1000 made worldwide


  • Very cool. Especially for the price. I would have loved a monkey island or money island 2 edition, though. The same thing but then with the pixel characters. Oh…If only.

    • Indeed, if only 🙁 Or based on that amazing cover artwork made by Steve Purcell 😀

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