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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

This isn’t the time to be dead.

A little bit more then two months ago, I reviewed the European special edition of a really weird, but good, game. Even before that I mentioned that the two ladies of that game are being made by an this so far unknown company. But before even that, Max Factory released the naughtiest of the two ladies; Catherine!

We pre-ordered this figure not that long ago simply because we couldn’t decide whether we wanted her or not. Even though I loved her we still got bills to pay and the coughing up of the rent to do. But when we could get her with a nice discount in one of my favorite shops, we just couldn’t say no. And I’m glad we didn’t decide differently. I absolutely love this figure!  I don’t have many Max Factory figures, only two including this one and a lot left on my wishlist, but I must say that I’m impressed with the quality they deliver. Not a spat of paint that’s not on it’s place, the sculpt is amazing and it doesn’t feel cheap. What more can a girl want? … Yeah, more money.

As you can see, the base is quite simple and plain but certainly does the job well which is supporting the figure without distracting too much. It’s sculpted and painted resembling a pillar with heavy cloth draped over it, spilling over the floor looking just marvelous. The figure itself is hold in place using two small pegs that, after some wiggling, fit really snug and the base makes the whole really stable. You can pose her without the base but unless you lie her down on her back (like I did in the last few pictures) you’d probably want her to lean against something otherwise you’ll probably see those two holes on the bottom. And what can I say, she really looks nice on that base so why would you want to pose her without it?
Yes, that was quite some talk about a plain base. Let’s get to the figure itself!

Again, I absolutely love her! The sculpt and the paint application is simply put sublime and it looks like she walked straight from the game onto my backyard table to pose for me, albeit in a smaller scale. The pose is very interesting and depending on the angle from which you look at her she looks somewhat innocent (as far as that goes for her) or like she’s absolutely up to something no good. However you look at her, it can’t be denied that she’s really sexy. I’m glad that they succeeded this well in translating the art (see last gallery item) into 3D PVC. The amount of details that they put into this figure still amaze me. The details in the lace (look at the small heart patterns in the lace of her top) and the folds that seem to form naturally are wonderfully sculpted and painted. Also the ribbon that’s tied in a bow around her waist contains even those little buttons and they even went as far as sculpting each of the fingers individually including the knuckles and even a high detail level on her ankle bone.
The stocking she’s putting on (or pulling of) is clearly part of the set that her outfit forms since it also contains that heart pattern on the lacy parts. And it even shows the seam that would be on a real one. Isn’t that a nice touch? Even though it clearly belongs to be worn with that outfit, it does however have a slightly different color. Where the outfit itself is more white, the stocking is more pearl-white and it shimmers in the sunlight. On one part I’m glad that they limited the pearl look to the stocking because if the outfit itself had been in that; it wouldn’t have looked so realistically I think. And it would have been to much as well probably. On the other hand, it makes it stand out a bit more which probably was their intention too.
They did made a weird choice regarding the spiral locks. They’re more rubbery then the rest of the figure which makes those curls feel a bit soft like which is probably the reason why you can see the seams in them ever so slightly. It probably had a good reason but I find it a bit odd…

I really like the box of this figure since you can easily see the figure in through the window panel. This doesn’t happen so often, most of the time the view is obscured by more plastic wraps than a single-packed cookie.

There’s only one problem, if you could call it that, with this figure and that’s the hairline. The separation line between her bangs and the rest is really visible when viewed from above but since this is a figure best seen from eye-view or slightly below that, it doesn’t really pose as a problem. But I included a picture of this anyway, nr12 is the one. Another problem that I’m facing is one that doesn’t has anything to do with this figure and more with the publisher Max Factory… Where’s my Katherine?!

Even though the scale isn’t completely to my liking (I much prefer 1/6 for my PVC figures) I’m starting to own enough 1/7th scale figures to ignore this and enjoy the wonderful figure Max Factory delivered. Both the paint application and the sculpt are sublime and make for a wonderful rendition of this succubus.
If you liked this game and want something nice to show or if you just like to own a lovely ladie, just buy it. You won’t regret it!


Item reviewed: Catherine (game) – Catherine
Type: PVC
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Variations: none
Rarity: you can still find her here and there… but I wouldn’t wait too long.

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