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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

A lover’s embrace is forever longed for in the dead of night

The best Darkstalkers statues are made by Pop Culture Shock. That’s just undeniable. I still agree with that statement after seeing the Sota Darkstalkers statue called ‘The Embrace’.

Darkstalkers/Night Warriors is one of my favorite (fighting) games. Like it more than most of Capcom’s other fighting games. The characters are awesome and just appeal to me more. So, I really like it when someone releases something remotely related to this awesome series. There are a few statues/PVCs made by other companies (thinking: Yamato, MegaHouse, Max Factory and Ensky) that I like, or some even love. I just don’t like the gashapons, pluches, action figures and crap like that. They usually look nothing like the characters they should portrait.

But then, around SDCC-time, I saw this statue from Sota Toys. The only image I found at first was the last on in the gallery. It looked promising and I just loved the pose. Still do. But when I saw it was made by Sota Toys, I held my heart. Apart from some statues, I generally really don’t like Sota Toys productions. Their faces are off most of the time and the paint and sculpt jobs are usually pretty terrible. Blobs and misses everywhere.

Finally, I found some other pictures and it didn’t really reassure me to say the least. Mind me, I still like this statue and I think it will look neat, but only when viewed from afar. Just, don’t get to close.
They did say that these photo’s are from the prototype and that the final product should be better. I really hope so since I ordered this duo. And that’s only because I could get it for a really nice price locally. Yeah, locally. Even though it was a SDCC exclusive, some shops (like BigBadToyStore and Galaxyshop) are offering this statue. Also not a good sign. If it didn’t sell out on SDCC…

And here’s the official text from Sota Toys:

Morrigan and Lilith fall, together, in a loose embrace, unaware of how much longer they have together. Will they stay lost in each others gaze until it is too late? Locked in their embrace, this Comic Convention Exclusive statue freezes in time a moment that Morrigan and Lilith wish to last forever.

This convention exclusive stands approximately 12″ from the base to the tip of Lilith’s wings, molded in Resin and painted with the utmost attention to detail.

Morrigan and Lilith – The Embrace (SDCC exclusive)
RP 159.99 USD
Edition Size: ?
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