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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

It’s more than a fairytale

One of my favourite artists is J. Scott Campbell and I love it when they take his art and make a statue from it. We already have a Spiderman* series based on his designs. And now, his biggest personal artwork line is getting statuealized!
Yes, I know that isn’t a real word…

I believe he started back in 2010 with releasing his calendars. These, called Fairytale Fantasies, feature the females from various, you guessed it, fairytales. These were also available as prints and now, eight years later, Sideshow is recreating his designs in statue form. And man, do they look good! There are already three announced, two of them are available for pre-order and there are persistent rumours that there are already three more lined up. This is promising to be one hell of a line!

The first, already available for pre-order, is his rendition of the Little Mermaid. It’s based on his 2010 calendar version and I love this one. There are two versions made of her; one exclusively for the Sideshow Collectibles website (like a regular exclusive) and a retailer exclusive. The latter is only available through, you guessed it, retailers.

The annoying thing though, is that the SSC exclusive isn’t just the statue with some extras but a variant! And I don’t know which one I like more… The retailer exclusive is a raven-haired beauty with a purple tail while the SSC version is just like the art; a brunette with a blue tail. The Sideshow version also includes a metal print with the original art on it. While I love the original art print look, the variant is very pretty as well…

You can order the print it’s based on here.

J. Scott Campbell Fairytale Fantasies – Little Mermaid (SSC exclusive):
RP 300,- USD
Edition Size: 2000

More information

J. Scott Campbell Fairytale Fantasies – Little Mermaid (regular/retailer exclusive):
RP 300,- USD
Edition Size: 1200
More information

The second is another old time favourite of mine; Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. The design is based on the 2010 art print and while I feel like they lost some of the Campbell charm with this translation, I still do like her. She’s cute, sexy and fierce. I love the base she’s standing on as well and her wings are just so sqweeeee. She’s also not the same scale as the rest of the line, who are about 1/5th scale, but scaled down intentionally to better fit in with the rest. She’s actually almost life-size (1:1).

Unlike the Mermaid, there’s no variant this time. Thank goodness… It’s just the regular and exclusive, with the latter one including a metal art print like the Mermaid SSC exclusive does.

You can pre-order the print it’s based on here.

J. Scott Campbell Fairytale Fantasies – Tinkerbell (exclusive):
RP 300,- USD
Edition Size: TBD
More information

J. Scott Campbell Fairytale Fantasies – Tinkerbell (regular):
RP 290,- USD
Edition Size: TBD
More information

And the last is Alice from Alice in Wonderland. While there isn’t much information available regarding her at this time, the images we do have suggest the 2011 art print. It also looks as the Cheshire cat will be included on the base. This larger statue does make me dread that they will be increasing the price tag as well (as they did with their Avengers Assemble line)…
You can order the print it’s based on here.

Of course, my personal wishlist is quite ginormous… Here’s a selection of things I would love to see in this line (in no particular order and definitely not limited to);

Even though I have quite a wishlist for this line, I’m unsure if we’re going to start it. I actually wanted to stop buying from Sideshow Collectibles. Their quality seems to have improved lately but they still don’t have an European warehouse. Even small companies like First 4 Figures and Gaming Heads have a warehouse here, which is why we don’t have to pay those outrageous import fees if we buy from them. As the import fees are around the 80-100 euros per statue we buy from Sideshow, it effectively pushes us out of buying from them. When asked why they don’t open their warehouse back up, we got the following reply:

It is something that we revisit from time to time, we just had a ton of issues with the EU warehouse, so it has to be the right situation. It could possibly happen in the future but there are no current plans.

Frankly, I find it hard to believe that they would have a ‘ton of issues’ because small potato companies seem to succeed in this. Ah well, we’ll see.

* The Campbell Spiderman series was pretty nice and consisted out of Spider-Man (review), Mary-Jane, Black Cat and Gwen Stacy.

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