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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

In a few moments, I’ll be relieving you of your valuables.

One of the most known gems on the Dreamcast is Skies of Arcadia. It’s even so popular that they made a port of it (SoA: Legends) for the GameCube in 2002, barely two years after the initial release. And now, First 4 Figures captured the protagonist of the game in statue form!

The protagonist, Vyse, is the character you control outside of battle. He’s also a Blue Rogue which means that he’s an air pirate that only attacks armed vessels larger than his own ship. His weapons of choice are his twin cutlasses, one used for offense and one used for defense.

But First 4 Figures decided against portraying him in a battle stance and choose to depict him holding the flag of the Blue Rogues which makes a static but amazing statue. The flag is made from actual cloth which really gives it an authentic, tattered appearance, while Vyse himself is cast in polystone like usual. The base on which he’s standing is inspired by his father’s ship, The Albatross. The exclusive version of Vyse comes with an additional switch-out right arm holding the Pirate’s Cutlass.

But, darn it, he’s holding the cutlass wrong. As far as my memory serves me, the way he holds the blade in his right hand is by its grip and not the cross-guard. He does that with the one in his left hand… If the exclusive was meant to be that left one, it’s still incorrect since that one has a complete blue translucent blade…

While I don’t like this incorrectness, it doesn’t bother me enough to not buy this statue. It’s more a nit-pick than an actual complaint since the statue just looks so amazing. This is the first Sega All-Stars statue that we’re buying and also the first that finally picked my interest in the line. Now I’m really hoping for some other characters that I loved from their franchise!

Sega All Stars – Skies of Arcadia: Vyse
RP 199.99 USD
Edition Size: 1.000
More information

Sega All Stars – Skies of Arcadia: Vyse Exclusive
RP 219.99 USD
Edition Size: 425
More information

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