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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

You’re so gonna remember this beating!

Kotobukiya slowly but surely releases more and more Tekken bishoujos. And some of them even have a limited recolor! The next one is going to be Asuka Kazama!

They already released two girls; Christie Moneteiro and Alisa Bosconovich. The last one got a limited recolor, which is also the one we got. Reviews of these two are coming soon.

Asuka Akama is the next girl that is getting a release and I like her even though she hasn’t got an active pose like the previous two. I just really like her outfit and even her face now that they’ve changed it. The original sculpt had features that were far too sharp and it just didn’t look right. A lot of people didn’t quite liked it and voiced their opinion. And luckily, Koto changed it. It looks far better now.

But now, we found out that they’re also going to release a limited recolored version of Asuka! And I have to admit that I like it more than the original one even though the blue color is her original color.

It’s a shame that they’re probably not going to release this recolor outside of Japan. When I asked if this was true, Koto US answered this:

The Asuka color variant statue is currently not scheduled to be released in North America.

So, if you want her, you’d have to work through a proxy or through the Japanese Kotobukiya website or just hope and pray that she’ll be released in the US anyhow.

The regular version has already been released while the exclusive one is slated to be released somewhere in December this year. I’m going to try to get the limited recolor because I personally like it better. But if I can’t get it, I’ll just go for the original one.

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