Posted by Ikaryas on August 8, 2013

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

A refined man handles fire with finesse

Okay, this is one of these posts meant for people with money to burn… Or for people that only collect a limited line, like only stuff from Bioshock: Infinite for instance. Unfortunately, we don’t fall in either category.

I remember that as a promo for the release of the game Bioshock Infinite, they had made some really cool posters depicting commercials for the vigor bottles that you can use in said game. But those are extremely hard to come by and come on, wouldn’t having such a bottle be more awesome then just a print? Yeah, that’s what they must have thought over at Irrational Games. They already released the Murder of Crows a while back and we totally missed it. And, like with most things from this series, it’s going for a pretty penny on the Bay.
But now, they’re releasing the second in the line; the Devil’s Kiss.

The Devil’s Kiss is a Vigor in Columbia which allows you to manipulate and generate fire. You can also charge it which will lay down a trap for unsuspecting enemies. Burn baby! Unless, he’s a Fireman of course.

This Vigor bottle is a numbered First Edition (already asked what they meant with that but haven’t heard back yet) replica, pressure cast resin based on the original in-game model, and stands 9” tall with an average width of 4”. Not too shabby right? Wait ’till I mention the price… For the regular edition, of which they’re making 450 pieces if I’ve read correctly, they’re asking $350. But, if that’s not enough for you, you can also buy the signed edition. Limited to 50 pieces, signed by Irrational Games’ Creative Director, Ken Levine and including a certificate of authenticity, this edition will set you back a whooping $600!

While I love this, the asking price is ridiculous… A shame really…

Irrational Games / Bioshock: Infinite – Devil’s Kiss Vigor replica
RP 350,- USD
Edition Size: 450 (from the text: First Edition limited to 500 total units, of which only 50 have been signed. So that makes 450 regulars right?)
More information

Signed edition:
RP 600,- USD
Edition Size: 50
More information

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