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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

I summon the full power of the storm!

Yeah I know, the movie was a bit on the tacky side… But this new announced statue luckily isn’t! She’s been around for a very long time and is one of the most royal characters in the Marvel universe. And not to mention, wife of one of my favorite characters.
Yes, I am indeed talking about Ororo Iqadi T’Challa, or better known as Storm.

edit: edition size now known

Quoting time!

Storm is a descendant of an ancient royal line of white-haired, blue-eyed sorceresses (possibly mutants), who get their defining features every five generations. Her royal heritage can be traced back since the dawn of humanity and her family’s kingdom lies hidden in the Great Rift Valley of Africa, the valley that spawned the human race itself.

The power in her family is transferred from mother to daughter. Her mother, Princess N’Dare, rebelled against their tradition as she felt that she was forced to do the role that was given to her. She then married an American photojournalist, David Munroe, and they lived in Manhattan. They moved to Cairo, Egypt when Ororo was still an infant.

When Ororo was five, she and her family were caught in an Arab-Israeli conflict. Her parents were killed and Ororo ended up buried under rubble next to her mother’s body. Because of this, Ororo has a life long struggle to overcome her severe claustrophobia. Ororo was never sought after by her own people in fear of her safety as her own uncle, Shetani, who felt left out and wanted to rule, threatened that he would kill Ororo should her people even try to find her. Storm, by birth, is the rightful heir to her family’s kingdom and to the oldest royal family on the face of the Earth.

Now on to the statue. First off, I must say that I initially (aka when the sneak went online) really disliked this statue. The face looked hideous! And that’s me being considerate. Now that I’ve seen all the pictures (and in HI-RES), I still have to admit that the regular portrait is just plain ugly. Hopefully, it’s just because of the lighting and or setup, but I fear for her…. Those eyes look really freaky, almost like she’s dead or something…

Luckily, the exclusive isn’t that bad. Of course, they can’t really give her googly eyes or something since the exclusive portrait doesn’t have any pupils (like Ms. Marvel) but still. The more I look at her, the more I’m starting to like her. And besides, she’ll looks absolutely awesome next to my Black Panther!

All by all, I’ll pre-order her. The in-hand pictures of the Psylocke exclusive kind of reinstated my trust in Sideshow that they smashed to smithereens with the Rogue debacle. Albeit that trust is still a little shaky, it’s a good sign for Sideshow Collectibles.


Normal edition:
RP 324.99 USD
Edition Size: TBD
More information

Exclusive edition:
RP 324.99 USD
Edition Size: 500
More information

Marvel Storm Premium Format Figure

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