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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Patapon – Press Kit

By some obscure coincidence we stumbled upon an add in which someone sold a strange looking Patapon box. We first thought; Oh, a special edition! And from a very cool game! We must have it! And so, we bought it. But on arriving here we discovered it was something different… very different indeed.
It was a Patapon Press Kit!!

Oh, and how much I love this edition. It has a very nice round shaped container with a nice Patapon print on it. Besides the print and the name of the game, there is one other clue of which game it holds. The upper lid is black but with a white circle in the middle, like a Patapon eye. Very neat.
On opening the box I see only one thing in it: a jewel case size little map. On taking out I directly see you can fold it out and several things are tucked inside; a press Patapon disc (with the full game on it), a small sheet with some stickers and a press disc. Lets see what’s on the last one shall we.

The disc contents are divided in several sub-folders:

  • Artwork
    • Artwork Scenes: some AI and PSD files with scenes displayed. Rather nice to look at.
    • Character Artwork: a lot of AI and JPG files. They’re so cute ^^
    • Font: and an AI file with the font of Patapon… to bad it isn’t a font you can really use on your website
  • Game footage
    some boss fight movies. PataPataPataPon PonPonPataPon
  • Packshots
    • Patapon 2D Packshots
    • Patapon 3D Packshots

    How the game case will look like basically.

  • Press Releases
    • Launch Release: looks like a pre-written newsflash for a site, available in different languages
    • Spring Holidays Release: same thing only some different lines are used, also in different languages
  • Screenshots
    Some cute screens from the game.
  • The Team
    • The Artist: an photo, a biography and a Q&A file in different languages.
    • The Game Designer: same stuff as with the artist

So, in conclusion, it’s nothing that special but due to it’s extreme cuteness, it’s a must-have for fans of Patapon or press kits.

– Cute box
– Stickers !! (that I never would dare use)
– Bleh, a press disc…
-No manual… where’s the manual?


Item reviewed: Patapon Press Kit
Type: game, PSP
Variations: no special editions known, only the ‘normal’ game
Rarity: I really don’t know how the dude got this edition since it’s extremely rare! Just my luck I guess ^^


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