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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Okay, Fire Sorcerer! Do your thing!

Every once in a while I can convince Ingis to buy something that isn’t necessarily, totally, completely in agreement of our collecting boundaries.

Technically, Yu-Gi-Oh isn’t a game so normally, no Yu-Gi-Oh merchandise. One can argue though that, despite the fact it started as a card game, there are many games made of this wonderful TCG (Trading Card Game). So, technically, it’s game merchandise what I bought. Jay me!

I never watched the cartoon but I did like the TCG. Somewhere, I still got a few decks. Hmmmm. Can’t wait ’till we finally can unpack our stuff…
Anyhow. One of my favorites characters, and apparently of many others, was the Black/Dark Magician Girl. She’s just so darn cute. So when I saw a cute PVC figure made by Kotobukiya, I was completely sold! And luckily, I could convince Ingis to let me buy her. And man, can I say I’m glad that I could! I really, really love this figure! It’s currently one of my favorites. The sculpt is naughty, sexy and innocent at the same time. The color palette used is spot on and the colors are vibrant. Well, it would have been very bad if the color palette and sculpt weren’t spot on since this figure was made under the strict supervision of the author Kazuki Takahashi.

What I also love is the fact that they included two different faces. It’s a first for us and it was a bit scary at first because we don’t like to break things. Don’t like broken stuff. Luckily for us, nothing broke and we did unplug everything a lot before, after and during the shoot since she came with a lot of plastic sheet thingies. I also like it a lot that the first run includes a Kuriboh Keychain and a special “Illustration Mini Poster” that the figure was based on (see pictures).

Even though the base is quite nice, I’ll probably display her without it. Yes, with this figure you can choose whether to display her with or without the base. Isn’t that a plus?! Too bad that I can’t display her with her inner box though. It’s so sparkly! And pink! I like that…

Fun fact: because those prude Ameri… dudes didn’t agree with the sexy and diabolical representation (read: boobs and pentagrams) of the Japanese Black Magician girl, they changed it. Just like that, they took someones work and altered it. You can spot the differences on the last image that I included below. In case you can’t find the differences; the pentagram on her chest has been replaced by a gem and they erased the lines on her chest so the cleavage would be gone. No more cleavage… They also didn’t like her name because it may sound racist so they changed that into Dark. Thus, say hello to the friendly girl without boobs and who loves shiny gems from next door.
Actually, it isn’t that much fun for a fun fact. It’s rather sad actually. It also makes me glad that it’s the Japanese version that I have and not some altered Ameri… other version.

This is currently one of my all-time favorite PVCs! I just adore everything about her. The pose/sculpt, the colors, the gems, the base, everything!

Item reviewed: Black Magician Girl
Type: PVC
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Variations: none (yet)
Rarity: Since there’s probably going to be a rerun, she shouldn’t be that hard to find. Some local (Europe) shops still have her.


  • Bamboebahr

    Die Kuribo vind ik ook wel awesome, was m’n favo beestje toen de eerste reeks er was ^^

    • I find that Kuribo awesome as well, was one of my favorite critters from the first series ^^

      he’s cute isn’t he ^^ this is easily one of my favorite PVC figures 😀

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