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    I’m Ikaryas, I’m the one who came up with this idea and decided on the name given to this little project. Did I Mention I’m Crazy comes forth out of the strange looks we get when people see our collection.

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

My two witches

Just like I promised in my preview of old Capt’ Hook, here’s my review of the two great ladies who proceeded him. I’m talking about Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and the Evil Queen from Snow White!

We hesitated a very long while before agreeing on buying the SideShow Collectibles Disney Premium Format. A bit too long actually… Evil Queen (the first one released) was already sold out on the SS website and the prices she goes on Ebay are ridiculous. Especially the going rate for the exclusive one (if you can find her that is) is steep. Very steep. But when we agreed on buying this line we just had to have her. First we hoped on avoiding Ebay and set our hopes on finding a fellow collector that was trustworthy and willing to sell her for a reasonable price. Well, we found one.
Unfortunately, on Ebay. Fortunately, for a reasonable price.
It was still much but better than any other I found and thankfully, she arrived in one piece which made us very happy…
Until we saw the customs invoice… It hurt! A lot! Stupid customs…

We had more luck with Maleficent (the second one released) since she was still for sale on SSC. It feels good to buy statues for the retail price. Far better than looking for them on Ebay.

So, being a great sunny day today, I decided to take some pictures and show you just how great these two are!

please note: I’m going to take better pictures later (when our little place is done and when we’ve got a better camera). Don’t worry, I’ll notify you 😉

Evil Queen

As you should know, Evil Queen is the villain in Disney’s first animated feature film which released back  in 1937. That’s way before I was born. When SideShow Collectibles gained the license to create the Disney Animated villains, they created her as being the first in the line and in 2009 (around July) they put this Queen on pre-order. Now she’s long sold out (not even waitlist eligible) and starting to be very hard to find, even the normal edition.

They created a stunning likeness with this piece. I just adore it. Both her dress and her cape are fabric. She truly is one of the PF’s with the most fabric which is kinda cool. The base is essentially the box she gave the hunter to put Snow White’s heart in. I like that. It’s evil-ish.
The exclusive part with this one is the additional display piece. It’s her raven, seated on a skull that’s stacked on a spell book. The ribbon in the book is also real, not sculpted. It’s not that big of an exclusive extra, but it adds just that extra spice. Like she’s plotting together with her raven what she’s going to do to Snow White. It’s nice. Besides, I only buy the exclusive versions.

Item reviewed: Evil Queen PF (exclusive)
Type: mixed media (resin with real cloth)
Variations: Normal edition (without the spell book, skull and raven figure for complementary display), for sale at most shops
Rarity: She’s almost sold out everywhere (the regular, the SSC exclusive is long sold out). 300 (excl) and 600 (reg) made worldwide


Not so known as Evil Queen, Maleficent is the evil wrench from Sleeping Beauty. I never liked that movie that much but maybe haven’t seen  it while being a child has something to do with that. That movie just wasn’t that popular or well known as, let’s say, Snow White or The Little Mermaid. Putting that aside, they really captured the image of Maleficent. At least with the normal head. I can’t find any documentation displaying the exclusive mad grin and it’s been too long for me to remember from the movie. But anyhow, even if that head isn’t that right portrayed, we both still think about displaying her with that head. Next to the extra head, the exclusive also got another hand. A so called, conjuring hand. I like it. Together with her mad head, it looks kinda diabolical.

Like the Evil Queen, Maleficent is covered in cloth. Which is a good thing. Her costume is longer than she standing on her base so you can display her with fanning out her dress and cape. Her base is ‘covered’ with thorns and in its simplicity, quite nice. She has her fateful raven Diablo, looking to whatever she’s pointing, on her staff which adds to her cool display.

Item reviewed: Maleficent PF (exclusive)
Type: mixed media (resin with real cloth)
Variations: Normal edition (without the additional head and the conjuring hand), for sale at most shops
Rarity: Both the regular as the exclusive are still in stock on SSC. 350 (excl) and 500 (reg) made worldwide


If you like Disney and statues, this is really thé line to follow. Only problem you may encounter if you just started looking to buy these is Evil Queen. She’s a pain to find whether it’s the regular or the exclusive you’re after. Of course, the exclusives are really the way to go with this line. Just look at Hook.
I’m really looking forward to receiving Hook and to the announcement for the next one. I’m hoping on a lot of villains but mainly Ursula, Hades, Prince Jon and Jafar. Arg, who am I kidding. I want them all!

Both these marvelous ladies come in a beautiful colored box that makes you want to display it with them. If only you got the room…

Maleficent Premium Format Figure

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