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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

It’s blue and it runs fast! Or is it yellow?

When I saw the first one in a local games shop, I was sold. Now, about two years later, the second one arrived and it got me thinking. And sadly, not in a good way…

When I was at my then favourite store I saw a cool Sonic statue. It was made by First 4 Figures and it was, for us then, a small fortune. If my memory serves me correctly, it was a 100euro (about 140USD). We got a lot of coupons at that time so eventually, it was a mere 20euro (28USD) 😀 But that wasn’t really what made it so that I wanted it. No. It was it’s number. I mean, 500! Doesn’t that sounds beautiful?

We thought long and hard before buying this Sonic statue. The reason for this was the fact that at that time, we didn’t collect such huge statues. But eventually, we yielded and the blue hedgehog found a new home. I never regretted that decision because I really liked him. Starting with this statue, our love for bigger collectibles and First 4 Figures started to grow. But lately, some of their decisions, got me wondering and frowning at the least…


In case you never heard of him (shame on you!), Sonic first appeared in 1991. He was created by Sega in order to have a mascot much like Nintendo had in Mario. Sonic is a 15 year old blue hedgehog with the ability to run at super speed which is also the main gameplay element in the game series. Meanwhile, Sonic also appeared in numerous Mario/Nintendo games. His first appearance in a Nintendo game was Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for the Wii, though his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl unarguably made a bigger splash among fans. Although I like the games I also cry in silence for that great company and their awesome mascot.

Fans of the series will definitely recognize the level of which the base is inspired. Everybody should know The Green Hillzone as it is easily recognizable with its green grass top and its checker board base. I really like that base. The colors used on the complete statue are vibrant and really give this statue that cool and fun look that Sega and Sonic are known for.

The statue isn’t that big (at least not to our current standards), a mere 12 inch/30cm. It’s one of the few statues that we have that came completely assembled. He also looks quite fragile but so far I haven’t really heard about breakages. This is one of the statues that I really love and recommend to any Sega and/or Sonic fan!

Item reviewed: Sonic
Type: resin
Variations: none
Rarity: You can still find him in some shops and on Ebay. Even the F4F website still has him. 1500 made worldwide

Super Sonic

First 4 Figures started making really weird decisions a while ago. And it all started with this statue. I don’t know or get why but when they announced Super Sonic, they also announced an exclusive edition next to the regular. And even though we love special/exclusive/limited editions, being the fact that we would lose our nice number, we ordered the regular. One could say that we could have ordered them both, which we actually did but we cancelled the exclusive after all, because we decided that one should be enough even if it’s the regular.

Now I have to say I’m glad that we only ordered one since I’m not that fond of this one. The sculpting is nice, as is the paint job, and I like the base design. He’s quite impressive with his rather dynamic pose and mean-ish look. So what’s it that I don’t like about it? Well, if you look at the first three photo’s, you can clearly see why. The scale! One thing that should always be the same throughout a statue line is the scale. Sonic was, like said, a mere 12inch while Super Sonic is 15inch/38cm!
You could argue that because Super Sonic is standing on the tips of his toes, he should be bigger but when you look really good you can see that the scale is off. Plus, the base is bigger and taller which is also a big no-no.
All this is a darn shame because you can clearly see the evolution of First 4 Figures; the sculpt is more precise and cleaner, the colors are better (more vibrant and the red is deeper) and the packaging has also improved. But, taking the scale in consideration, I don’t know if I will display them both together. Maybe when they release the next one (Metal Sonic), and the scale is the same as Super Sonic, will I display this statue. But now?

Item reviewed: Super Sonic (regular)
Type: resin
Variations: exclusive (light-up base)
Rarity: You can still find him in some shops and on Ebay. The regular is sold out on the F4F website and the exclusive is a waitlist. 1500 (reg) and 350 (excl) made worldwide


I like these statues, I really do, but I won’t display them for now due to the scale. If you really like Super Sonic, then I say go for it. But if you just want one statue that expresses your love for Sonic or Sega, I would say that you should only get the first one. That’s still the one I fell in love with.


  • KristofB

    Sweet! 🙂

  • Again a very nice entry!

    I’m still looking into buying the regular sonic, but as you surely know, there is just so much nice stuff to buy 🙁
    Definitely when you’re just in your first year of collecting :s
    Keep up the good work and very nice pictures!

    • Don’t hesitate! Just buy it :p Or buy the small F4F figures, they’re nice too but I believe you already have those?
      And yes, there’s so much to collect… We’re going at it for about 5-6 years now and our wanted list has never been bigger 😀 Hence the reason we’re working in the Lidl (supermarket) on Saturdays and during our vacations 🙂
      But for collecting only for a year, you got some nice stuff.
      Good luck with expanding your collection and I hope to hear from you again 😉

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