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    My name is Ingis. I’m from Belgium, a little country in the middle of the Western-Europe. I’m born in 1985. I’m getting old.

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  • Ikaryas

    I’m Ikaryas, I’m the one who came up with this idea and decided on the name given to this little project. Did I Mention I’m Crazy comes forth out of the strange looks we get when people see our collection.

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Want to do some good?

And you have money to spare and love Star Wars? Then these auctions might be interesting for you!

Edit: auctions have ended. Added the selling price to each of the helmets

Sponsored by the Dented Helmet, eFX Collectibles, and the 501st, the As You Wish Project is a charity art event featuring over 40 reimagined Boba Fett and clone trooper helmets. I ‘only’ included the 19 that I like the most. 100% of the money earned on each of these helmets go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. If you’re not familiar with this foundation, read all about it here. The works were first exhibited at Star Wars: Celebration VI and are now available on Ebay with currently ~6 days remaining.

Re-imagined Storm/Clone Trooper Helmets

Rocket Helmet by Nick Smith

Clearly influenced by The Rocketeer, and not only because of the design of the helmet and stand but also because of the life-saving “wad of gum” at the stand’s base. I really like this one.
Link – Sold for: US $1,525.00 [17 bids]

Sparta Clone by Jay Shimko

Not the best in the bunch but still has something. It’s shiny.
Link – Sold for: US $1,025.00 [14 bids]

Stormy Jaffa by Phillip Freeman

Combination of futuristic and ancient design. A good piece.
Link – Sold for: US $2,000.00 [20 bids]

Lego Trooper by Lin Zy Zorn

Only included it because Ingis likes it. I don’t really like it simply because it’s not a re-imagined helmet… Okay, part of it is.
Link – Sold for: US $2,500.00 [24 bids]

Endor Reclaims by Mike Moore

Another one of my favorites. Really like the overall look and feel of this piece.
Link – Sold for: US $2,950.00 [24 bids]

Honos Gladuis Fortis by Alexander Buechel

Another Greek/Roman type helmet. There are plenty of those. It’s one of the lesser ones.
Link – Sold for: US $1,700.00 [32 bids]

Carbonite Clone by Tim Proctor

Too bad that this one only has one picture. Would have liked to see the details on it. Based on the concept that everything looks better in carbonite, even Harrison Ford.
Link – Sold for: US $1,525.00 [17 bids]

KITT Trooper by Bill Pulkovski

Based on one of my favorite TV shows: Knight Rider. I wonder if the lights also move from left to right and back… Would be totally awesome.
Link – Sold for: US $1,075.0 [11 bids]

Re-imagined Boba Fett Helmets

Dovah Fett by Harrison Krix

Bit plain and simple but still nice to see.
Link – Sold for: US $2,025.00 [21 bids]

Game of Clones by Sideshow Collectibles

Mash-up with two franchises: Star Wars & Game of Thrones (one of my favorite newer TV shows and I liked the books). Looks very good.
Link – Sold for: US $2,247.00 [28 bids]

The Scavenger by Legacy Effects

And the prize for most original re-imaginative helmet goes too… Legacy Effects! And you can clearly see why. They didn’t just remade it into a different era but they completely revamped it! Absolutely love it even though there are others I’d buy sooner then this one.
Link – Sold for: US $17,209.89 [21 bids]

Cylon Fett by Anovos Productions, LLC

Another TV mash-up. Like it very much.
Link – Sold for: US $6,100.00 [25 bids]

Mandalorian 300 by Max Cervantes

The most pretty Greek/Roman inspired one. Really like this one. But hey, I also liked 300 a lot…
Link – Sold for: US $2,247.22 [36 bids]

Boba Recall by Tom Spina Designs

After the Scavenger, one of the more weird designs even though it’s based on a movie design. It looks weird but also very awesome.
Link – Sold for: US $3,977.00 [34 bids]

Musha-Boba by Kotobukiya

One of my favorite designs from the bigger players. But I’m biased when it comes to Eastern designs and especially ones that are based on Japanese history and/or culture.
Link – Sold for: US $3,300.00 [35 bids]

Mythosaur Hunter by MARS Visions

Inspired by the symbol of the “Mythosaur” skull on Boba Fett’s armor, this is one awesome helmet. If only I had the funds.
Link – Sold for: US $2,800.00 [40 bids]

Chrome Commander by Scott Harben

Very shiny. It has something…
Link – Sold for: US $4,000.00 [19 bids]

Retro Robot by Chris Trevas

I just love retro robot designs and that’s also why I loved this one.
Link – Sold for: US $1,750.00 [32 bids]

Spirit Hunter by John Brosio

The design and colors really mesh well on this one. Love the feather work.
Link – Sold for: US $3,850.00 [30 bids]

If you’re interesting in one or more of these, or want to view the other ones I didn’t include in this post, just follow this link to view all the items here that are up for bid. Currently, the Scavenger from Legacy Effect is on the lead with a whooping 8.350,- USD. The next ones are the Re-imagined Boba Fett Helmet “Cyclon Fett” with 4.150 USD and Boba Fett “Fett’s Dad” with 3.750 USD. Those are definitely not for my wallet…

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