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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

War… War never changes.

Howdy, welcome to the wasteland partner. If it moves, shoot it, if it still moves, leg it! We have an armor that can help you, but no warranty or take backsies. It is not Deathclaw proof, let it not be said I didn’t warn you.

Yeah, we already beat our post count of last year. Not that is was that difficult, but we are trying to bring a bit more life back in to our blog. This post is again about a Gaming Heads statue. Not that that is something very surprising since our collection core is still game merchandise and that company has some very interesting game licences. They already have the Fallout licence for the longest time, but they’ve only made plushes and bobbleheads in different sizes before this statue. Apart from this one, they also have a sole survivor statue in pre-order.

So what is it? It’s a statue of the T-45, which is an armor. What kind of armor? Well if you ever get an invitation for a casual chic after-apocalypse party, this is not something to wear. According the Fallout Wiki:

The first version of power armor successfully deployed in combat was the T-45 model, which originally ran on small energy cells, burning through them at an alarming rate. In response, later versions were manufactured with built-in micro-fusion packs. The effectiveness of the T-45 power armor was overwhelming. It served a huge role in pushing back Chinese forces, allowing individual soldiers to take entire towns, protecting the wearers from everything from conventional fire to head on missile impacts.

The first thing I noticed when unpacking this big boy was the base. I mean you have big, very big, motherf*cking big and then you have ‘OH HELL NO’. I mean it is like 45 centimetres in diameter. I’m not too sure it will fit into a Besta, but in the end we’ll have custom cabinets anyways, so no worries there. While the base is huge, it is hollow, so it isn’t really that heavy. It’s a soft toned base because of the rocks and rubble. I thought it would be boring, but the base compliments the statue itself perfectly after all.

The armor itself looks gorgeous. The details are done perfectly. When I was taking the pictures, it was easy to imagine that this was a photo shoot of a real life power armor. There are not a lot of colours and that makes it even more difficult to get it right, but Gaming Heads did. The weathering is spot on, there are little rivets everywhere, the shading and details on the helmet are perfectly done. Gaming Heads really outdone themselves; they did it all. I was also really impressed with his massiveness. He is 1/4th scale and that implies he needs to be big. Well, he surely is with his 56 centimetres.

The statue also comes with a small micro-fusion pack you can plug in the back of the statue or drop on the base. I really like this small gimmick. Gives it a little ‘je ne sais quoi’. The exclusive and regular both have the AER-9 laser rifle. The exclusive also has the automatic assault rifle in addition. To pose those weapons you get three hands and no manual. It took me sometime, together with the pictures on the website, to figure everything out. You can also plug in some batteries into the helmet to have the light up the small headlamp. I didn’t have any batteries, so was not able to test this.

Because of his size he is pretty expensive: 599.99 USD for the regular and 629.99 USD for the exclusive. You’ll get a massive piece for that, but I do get that it is a lot of money. Fallout is in my top 5 franchises and this armor is just too iconic to pass up, so I’m glad I went for it and have it now in the collection. But I think this will only be something for the die hard fans. Also, unlike some super heroes from Marvel or DC, game merchandise is not to prone to many iterations. Most of the time you are already glad a company made one version. With the T-45 I’m glad Gaming Heads came, saw and conquered!

Item reviewed: Fallout Armor: T-45
Type: 1/4th scale resin
Manufacturer: Gaming Heads
Variations: Standard Edition (1.000 pieces) and Limited Edition (500 pieces worldwide)
Rarity: Both are still available on the official website.

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