Posted by Ikaryas on August 5, 2013

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Peace and tranquility

It’s been a while since I last posted something about Pop Culture Shock. Which doesn’t mean nothing happened… On the contrary, later today a new piece for the Street Fighter line will be released for pre-order.

If you’re familiar with Street Fighter, you’ll probably already recognized Dhalsim. And if you’re familiar with this blog, you know that we both love Pop Culture Shock. And what’s better then this company making said character?

Pop Culture Shock will release three different versions; a regular, an exclusive and a player 2 version. Kinda cool isn’t it. The edition size of the regular is unknown at the moment but will be available through retailers around the globe (normally). The exclusive and player 2 versions are a PCS website exclusive. Both will have an edition size of 200 and will also both cost $340,-
So, what’s the difference?

The regular edition will come with two heads; a tranquil and a screaming one, while the exclusive will also have a third additional head of Dhalsim blowing his trademark ‘Yoga Flame’. The Player 2 version will be the same as the Yoga Flame (aka the exclusive) edition apart from the colors. He’ll be blue and his clothing will be more orange then yellow. Of course, all versions come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

And like before, you also get a choice on how you want to pay:

  • A non-refundable deposit of $100,- USD with the balance of  $240,- USD (plus shipping) due once the item is ready for delivery.
  • Payment plan of 3 payments of $107.66 (direct, November and January 5th)
    You will then only be required to pay shipping once the item arrives. A 5% savings.
  • 12% discount for a non-refundable pre-payment in full.  Your total will be $299,- USD with shipping due when the item is ready for delivery.

Pre-order begins at 3PM Pacific Standard Time on Monday August 5th. More details (and pictures) can be found on the official site.

I still don’t know if we’re going to order him… We don’t really have the funds at the moment. Ah well, still a few hours to decide.

Pop Culture Shock Exclusive Edition:
RP 340,- USD
Edition Size: 200
More information

Pop Culture Shock Player 2 Exclusive Edition:
RP 340,- USD
Edition Size: 200
More information

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