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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Its expression could only be described as wooden

Perhaps one of the most memorable characters from the Discworld novels when you first start out, has to be Twoflower and his Luggage. I’ve always liked Luggage. And now, I have him (in tiny form) protecting my valuables. 

This is the third statue we got from the Discworld Emporium, the other two being Death of Rats and A’Tuin The Great. Unlike those two, this one is not made out of bronze coated resin but painted. They did, however, make a bronze version as well but that was well after we bought this one and while I love Discworld, two of the same is a bit of overkill. Especially since I still want their Librarian and the three Adopt-A-Dragon dragons.

Luggage is still one of my favourite Discworld characters. He’s dangerous, stoic, determined and just too cute (unless your standing in its way). And I adore this rendition of that little murderous chest by the Discworld Emporium (previously known as Clarecraft). He’s in between the others in terms of size and measures 11.5cm by 11cm. Because the scales are all over the place, I don’t really like to display them together. But unlike the others, it doesn’t have makers’ mark inset on the base but just a plain sticker. A shame really…
He’s pretty well made and I just love the fact that you can remove the top to actually store something, albeit small, in his trunk. That said, I still feel that these are a tad overpriced but unfortunately, you don’t have other options if you want official licensed Discworld stuff.

There isn’t much else to say about this one as, again, just like the others, it didn’t came in an art box, but just a plain white box with some stuffing. It’s stamped but, as far as we know, not limited per sé. Both this version and the bronze one are still readily available on the website.

If I had known that they would make a bronze variant a while later, I’d probably had waited for that one. Still, I do dig this coloured version as well. He’s menacing, deadly and so darn cute. I also like the fact that you can store small items in his belly. A definite get for those that love the Discworld series/world.

Item reviewed: Discworld’s Luggage figure
Type: resin
Manufacturer: Discworld Emporium
Variations: bronze resin
Rarity: Still in stock on the official website. I’m not quite sure if these are limited. I’m guessing they’ll make these as long as they still sell

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