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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

She loves you… she loves you not… [2]

One of the best, if not thé best, Mandy renditions!

A while ago Ikaryas reported about a new Mandy statue that was coming. Actually she reported about two, one made by Electric Tiki and one being sculpted by Anders Ehrenborg. The first one is still in the works, but the one by Anders had arrived. And boy, are we glad we ordered her!

Of course when I’m saying one, I actually mean two. Like Ikaryas mentioned, Anders released two version of Mandy, both using the same body mold. But different enough to justify actually buying both. Who I’m kidding, it’s Mandy, of course we want both versions. Justification is overrated anyway.

The first version of the statue is the standard edition which is limited to 250 pieces worldwide. Which is still pretty low. I know Mandy is not a Marvel character and maybe not so well known, but don’t underestimate her. Most statues released of her are pretty hard to find after they’re sold out and going a lot above retail. So when someone releases a really nice Mandy statue, you’d better jump on quick.

Anders really caught the 2D Mandy in a superb 3D version. It is really how she’s supposed to be; the innocent blonde pin-up. The standard version has Mandy portrayed in a little blue, just enough covering, dungaree. In her hand she has a small daisy missing one petal, Mandy probably plucked to let it whirl down to the base.  The daisy is loose and the stem of the flower is supposed to be clamped between her fingers. The stem is unfortunately a bit too small for that, which brings me to the only issue I can possibly find on the statue. Her sculpt and paint are flawless which really impressed me. Her eyes are decals which aren’t a bad thing since it’s hardly noticeable and I doubt you could get this kind of result with factory paint.

The statue is just shy of 30cm and costs 185 USD. I’m really glad we ordered her and I pretty sure this one will never leave the collection.

The second version is the limited edition which is even more limited than the standard with it’s edition size of 100. Like I said before, the body sculpt is the same as the standard version, but the changes in her facial expression and different clothing makes this a really neat variant. While the standard has a more flirtatious expression, this one says more ‘oops’ or like she’s asking if you want to soap her back because she can’t reach it.

The dungaree is exchanged for a towel, just big enough again to cover the essentials of course, and the little daisy is replaced with a soap bar. You can also choose to let her hold a scrub brush. The details are again more than superb. The relief on the towel, the not-one-slip-up of the paint, the sculpt, it all shows that good quality control is still something that exists. Even though she’s a lot like the other version, she is a bit more expensive with her 300 USD price tag.

Both are coming in a really nice box, with sturdy quality foam. I like the fact that the standard box has silver letters and the limited one golden. Makes it more distinctive.

If you really like these Mandy’s sculpted by Anders, don’t panic. They are not sold out. Yet. Only the first batch was released and sold out completely in a few hours. Of course, that was before we knew these would turn out so awesome.
The second batch, consisting of about 100 regulars and 40 exclusives, will probably go online in the second half of February. The second batch is the last batch, so don’t miss it. You can subscribe here to receive an email when the next batch comes online and a link to where you can order them. I know they are not cheap, but believe me when I say you will quality in return.

Item reviewed: Mandy sculpted by Anders Ehrenborg
Type: Resin
Manufacturer: Anders Ehrenborg
Variations: Standard Edition (250 pcs) and Limited Edition (100 pcs)
Rarity: First batch sold out, second batch up in February 2015, after that… rare. Believe me.

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