Posted by Ikaryas on December 17, 2012

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Just – look for an override!

Another one of those game series that’s still on my to-do list is Dead Space. And now with number three coming out, Kotobukiya is jumping on the cart filled with Necro’s to deliver us some Dead Space 3 merhandise. Of course, they’re starting with the main character: Isaac Clarke.

The fact that I haven’t reviewed Sideshow’s Isaac from Dead Space is quite easy to explain. At first I held of ordering one because of the non-existing light up which is kind of necessary for this kind of statue. Eventually they’ve added it but, and this is a HUGE but, they neglected to add it to his spine as well. Kind of stupid. Anyhow, we still didn’t order one because Ingis doesn’t really like horror-themed stuff. And I’m glad we didn’t. The eventual in-hand product was a disaster! But I’m not talking about a product from Sideshow here. Okay, I was. But I’m going to stop that… right… now.

Okay, done.

We already knew that Kotobukiya also got the Dead Space license a while ago but this preview actually surprised me. I’d never guess that they would go for the new installment even though it’s an obvious business decision. Yes, their newest ARTFX addition is going to be Isaac Clarke from Dead Space 3.

As you can see on the prototype pictures, Isaac is wearing his iconic Resource Integration Gear Suit but with alterations for the arctic setting that is going to be our new playground. And unlike something I won’t speak of again, they actually made everything that needs to light up, light up. Yes, they did include LED lights in the statue’s helmet, backpack (spine) and glove! And to make it even more interesting, they even gave him a kind of action figure function; they included a ball-joint in his neck so you can slightly pose his as you like. Talk about cool!

He’s going to be 1/6th scale and the price tag is going to be $139.99 which will probably be the same in euros I’m afraid…
He’s currently slated for June 2013 which is about 4 months later then the game itself. I for one can’t wait for both!

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