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    I’m Ikaryas, I’m the one who came up with this idea and decided on the name given to this little project. Did I Mention I’m Crazy comes forth out of the strange looks we get when people see our collection.

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

I’ve come for you…

Scantly clad, big breasted but with a cloak to cover it all, she’ll come for you alright. I don’t think that there’s any bad girl as famous as this one; Lady Death!

edit: edition size now known

The announcement came as a big surprise. At least, we didn’t see it coming… Lately, Sideshow Collectibles is starting to make more and more obscure characters, which I think is a good thing. Granted, I still want to see more of the ‘more famous’ characters but it’s still nice to finally get some statues of those not big enough. Not that Lady Death isn’t big enough, especially in the chest area. Man, those are two really, really big melons! Those are, by the way, the only thing I really dislike about this statue. I like big breasts almost as much as a guy does, but as long as they’re natural looking. And these do not look natural. Which is a shame because my companion piece for her (being Vampirella) has incredible nice boobs. Ah, well, maybe they aren’t that bad when I see her myself. Yes, indeed, I already ordered her. The exclusive of course.

As with all Sideshow’s Premium Format (= Mixed Media) statues, this one comes both as a regular statue as an exclusive version. As is getting customary with these statues, the price of the two are the same and both now hold a TBD (To Be Determined) as edition size. The first, I like but the second, I really hate. I prefer to know how many of the statue will be made before I order one but since I already have seen cases in which the exclusive sold out before the edition size was even set (just how exactly is that possible Sideshow?) I just order them if I really like them and want to add them to the collection.
The only difference between the exclusive and the regular on this statue is the exchangeable hand holding the hourglass instead of her sword Apocalypse. On one side, I think this is a weird choice for an exclusive but on the other side, I’m actually liking it. It goes extremely well with her Death Scythe, even though that that thing makes me sweat. Where on earth am I going to display her? She’s already 1/4th scale, and combined with the scythe, she’s almost 26inch (~66cm) tall! Which, and I don’t need to tell you but I’m still doing it, is freaking huge!
Something I find kind of disappointing is the lack of an art print with this one. Would have been nice to also have a print included to hang next to that of Vampirella. Ah well, maybe I’ll drop the question with Ask Sideshow about it.

Now some history on the character? I’ve known her for quite some time even though I never actually read anything of her. When I still had my role-playing forum, I remember making some avatars for it using Lady Death artwork. I always loved the Lady Death artwork. Still do by the way.

Lady Death was born out of necessity. In the beginning she was the antagonist of the Evil Ernie comics and was his impetus to go on his quest of Megadeath. Her role was as a figment of his disturbed imagination that urged him to kill. As the story progressed it became clear she was more than the product of an abused mind, she was an entity all of her own that really did seek out an avatar for her in the mortal realm to carry out death and destruction and bestow the power of undeath on Ernie. This of course asked the question “Who is Lady Death?”.

Lady Death started her life as Hope, a young, medieval, European daughter to a demon worshiping Lord and Viking mother. With her unjust accusation of witchcraft she is burnt at the stake. Using an incantation of her father she brokers a deal with demons to enter hell for a renouncement of humanity. Once in hell she sets about gaining the means to kill her demonic father. Lucifer grants her powers and her first ally crafts her a sword and gives her an outfit. All this time she has slowly lost her human form and has become taller, stronger, more buxom with pearl white eyes, deathly pale skin and hair. She defeats Lucifer in single combat and takes his throne but not before he curses her never to return to Earth so long as the living walk the earth. She re-models Hell in the image of the Endless Graveyard, a place for every souls she will reap to return to earth.
Quoted from Comic Vine

Doesn’t she sound like such a nice girl? Thank goodness she isn’t otherwise this statue would have never become so sexy. Don’t believe me? Just check out the pictures below and use the links to order her as soon as you can pull your eyes away from those boo… uhm, pictures.


Normal edition:
RP 349.99 USD
Edition Size: 1500
More information

Exclusive edition:
RP 349.99 USD
Edition Size: 750
More information

Lady Death Premium Format Figure

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