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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Isn’t he cute?!

A few months ago, I told those that follow us on Facebook as well that I was getting a baby soon.
That is was on it’s way.

All the way from Japan.

Yeah, I ain’t talking about a real baby. Thank goodness no. Can’t imagine myself as a mother right now. No, I’m talking about a baby that has been on my mind ever since the second game. Yeah, I played the second before the first simply because I got it before I got the first. So, what game I’m talking about?

I’m talking about the Metroid series which started back in January 1988 (for Europe) on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The series has had 11 titles released so far with an average GameRankings score of 85% which is quite a big deal considering the longevity of most games and game series. Therefor it’s one of Nintendo’s most highly acclaimed series, more than any other simply because all the games were good.

When I was browsing the web sometime during my exams, I stumbled across a very cute picture of a child holding, what appeared to be a life sized, baby Metroid. Of course, I rushed and looked for more information. Then I found out that it was a Winter Wonder Festival exclusive made by Zoomoth. Don’t know the company but it appears to be a one-man show. That also makes me wonder whether or not this is an official item. Somehow, I highly doubt it. I normally don’t like buying unofficial items (see below) but I just fell in love with this little cutie. Of course, being a quite limited (a single run of 50 pieces) and a Wonder Festival exclusive, I knew I would pay extra for it to get it. Especially since the festival was already over when I saw it. So I hired me some help to track one down. And of course, I paid a hefty price to get one, not that I care alot about that. As long as it’s nice and we’re happy with it . Unfortunately, the eventual product was quite a bit underwhelming…

First of all, even though it is a baby, I find that it’s just a little bit too small. I wonder if it’d used the specification from the original creators to make him… Also the packaging was only a simple plastic bag with just some cardboard attached to it. Nothing that special. And the paint is a little bit flat. One of the complains I stumbled across was that it doesn’t have those little nerve endings protruding from the brain to the surface membrane. But, as far as I can tell from the pixels of the original games, it just doesn’t have that. So, it wouldn’t be an error. Of course, only the guy that originally drew the Baby Metroid can tell us if it’s correct.
But the weirdest thing is, this Baby Metroid, Samus Aran’s ‘baby’, only appeared in Metroid II: Return of Samus (Game Boy), Super Metroid (SNES) and as a recap of the final scene in Super Metroid in the last game Metroid: Other M (Wii). So, why did Zoomoth put the 1986 date as a stamp on the Metroid? It only corresponds with the original release date of the very first Metroid game on the Famicom in Japan. But that game didn’t have a Baby Metroid in it…

There are currently three versions of this Baby Metroid; a v1.0 (which we have), a second version with a very original name (v2.0) and a color variant (Freeze Version). I actually like the other two versions as well. Especially the v2.0 looks a lot better than the one we have…
Ah well, I still love the little rascal.

I don’t think this is an official licensed item but I do like it. It’s quite nice but we way payed waaaaaay too much for it. Even though I love it, it’s kind of underwhelming but that’s mainly because we paid too much. Only get it if you’re a true Metroid fan or when you can get it for the original price somehow.

Edit from above:

Baby metroid is obtained permission officially from Nintendo. ~Zoomoth

Item reviewed: Metroid: Baby Metroid
Type: Soft Vinyl
Manufacturer: Zoomoth
Variations: V2 and a Freeze Version
Rarity: Winter Wonder Festival 2012 exclusive. Extremely rare. Only 50 made.


  • how much did you pay for this? Thanks

    • Honestly, I don’t remember… If you really want, I can always try and track our purchase to see how much we eventually payed for it?

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