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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

She’s just purrrrrrrfect!

Another one of my favorite games (yes, I got quite a few) is Darkstalkers, or Vampire for Japan or Night Warriors for some. I first stumbled across this series on a flea market were I bought Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors for the PlayStation for an euro I believe. When playing that game, I quickly made my mind on which is my favorite character and Pop Culture Shock did a supreme job at recreating her in 1/4th scale!

Edit: got the edition size…

As you might have guessed from the title, the statue I’m talking about it the Felicia Exclusive. I was on the fence for this one because I liked the character but I didn’t like the pictures on the SideShow Collectibles website. Just look at it…
That isn't pretty -_-

I think this is why she isn’t sold out already. And that really is a darn shame since she is absolutely stunning!

The white you see on her body is actual a kind of velvet purposed to look (and feel a bit) like fur. I just can’t stop wanting to touch it. It really is lovely and adds a lot to this wonderful sculpted statue.

As said before, it’s an 1/4th scale statue which means that she’s big! A 15″ (38cm) kind of big. That’s a lot of kitty. Except for the white ‘fur’, everything else is sculpted and PCS did a terrific job. She has some quite details like the pink pads on her feet, the colorful nails and the hair bangs. The face (not on the prototype but from my version) is slim and cheerful, the eyes sparkle with life.
The pose is also typical Felicia. It reflects her playful nature, holding her tail like that and the way she winks.

The regular edition is practical the same as this one, the one difference being the hair and eye color. Both of them are blue, which is also Felicia’s normal color. The pink hair with green eyes is preserved for player 2 in the games. I think this is why the regular sold out faster than the exclusive. Everyone knows the blue version because in all other media (comics, art, …) Felicia appears with blue hair/eyes. This is why a part of me wants to buy the regular as well… Darn it.

There are some known issues with this statue, the biggest being wrong colored eyes and eyebrows. After the first rapport, Jerry checked all the statues and painted the wrong ones green/pink. So normally, the chance of having one with wrong colored eyes or eyebrows is very slim.

This is the second in the Darkstalkers line from Pop Culture Shock, with Morrigan being the first. Morrigan is still on my to-buy list but she should be off that list by the end of next month. Keeping my fingers crossed. And I got a surprise for people that are interested in this line. Normally, at the end of this month, I will have a great peek at the next statue for this line! I’ll keep you posted 😀

This is Felicia! If you’re a fan of Darkstalkers, Felicia or fighting games, this is thé statue to get! Don’t hesitate because according to the SSC newsletter, they only got 20 left. Of course, considering there are only 100 made, 20 is quite a lot… I blame their pictures!!

Item reviewed: Darkstalkers Felicia EX
Type: mixed media (resin with white flocking)
Variations: regular (blue hair instead of pink and blue eyes instead of green)
Rarity: The regular is sold out. The exclusive however is still on sale on the SideShow Collectibles website. 100 (ex) and TBD (reg) made worldwide… TBD? what the ..?
Edit: asking the man himself, I can tell you that there are only 230 (of the initial 300) made of the regular Felicia. That explains a lot.

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