Posted by Ingis on November 25, 2011

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    My name is Ingis. I’m from Belgium, a little country in the middle of the Western-Europe. I’m born in 1985. I’m getting old.

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  • Ikaryas

    I’m Ikaryas, I’m the one who came up with this idea and decided on the name given to this little project. Did I Mention I’m Crazy comes forth out of the strange looks we get when people see our collection.

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Oh hot, oh hot, hothothot!

I like Mario. I like him a lot. I mean, if he or one of his friends are in a game, the chances that the game is at least enjoyable are pretty high. Okay not everything is Sunshine, but come on… the Mario Bros games? Galaxy? Luigi’s Mansion? Princess Peach? Mario Kart?

These games were all pretty good games that we’ve played for hours. Let’s take Mario Kart for instance. The newest Mario Kart release for 3DS is almost near and I can’t wait! Super Power-Ups, cool levels filled with colorful Mario references and you’re just never sure of your victory, not even when you can see the finish. Don’t you just hate those blue winged Koopa shells? I hate those, except when they are in my hands of course. If I think about it, I must have a continuous spill of those blue shells so I could dominated those tracks. Ah, can you smell the sweetness of victory? Yeah me neither, even with those blue shells I get my ass kicked by my girl.

Did you never think, when you were choosing the cart to race with,  that it would be so cool to have on of those in real life? I know I have thought about it. Just admit it, it would be so awesome! I would like go all days going vroem vroem vrooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem. Well, Nintendo must have got a hint of this ’cause they did it! To put the newcomer in the Mario Kart series in the spotlight, Nintendo contacted West Coast Customs. These guys are known for TV shows like the classic Pimp My Ride on MTV. Those guys have the knowledge and the skills to make something beautiful, and guess what, they did it. They actually accomplished it!

They made two karts, the standard kart of Mario and the Bee kart of Luigi, one for each brother. Both vehicles are electrically powered and the video of how they build it will be seen early 2012 in an episode of Inside West Coast Customs. It’s sad they couldn’t power up the flight abilities of the karts, but I’ll manage to settle for one without that, if I really have to. The details are amazing, except for the dashboards, but just look at them, ….

I think I have a new project coming up… Vroem vroem VROOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM

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