Posted by Ikaryas on July 9, 2012

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Be stealthful as the night…

This can be interesting to know if you like busts and Mortal Kombat!

Edit: regular and exclusive information added

Just like with the Chun Li mixed media statue, Jerry from Pop Culture Shock announced that he’ll be making a PCS exclusive for the first Mortal Kombat life size bust; Sub Zero. Yes, life size, or to put it in a different way; 1/1 scale. and yes, a Pop Culture Shock exclusive, or to put it in a different way; having a slim chance in hell to get it.

Unlike the Chun Li PCS Exclusive which has an edition size of 75, this bust will only have an ES of 50. So yeah, going to have some real luck to obtain one of those…

So, what’s different between all the versions? Well, there isn’t that much information available regarding this bust except for this version.
The only difference between the three versions are the eyes. While both the regular and the Sideshow Collectibles exclusive will have acrylic eyes (the SSC exclusive will have a function with which you can re-position them), this PCS exclusive will have white ones with a light up feature. Pretty cool if I say so myself.

I don’t know whether we’re going to try or not. While we don’t collect busts, and especially not life size ones, I’m really starting to like this one. A lot. Especially this version.


Ohhhhh, crap…


For more information on acquiring this piece, just follow this link and the depicted instructions. Good luck!

I will update this post with the information regarding the regular and the Sideshow Collectibles exclusive when these will be made available.

Normal edition:
RP 619.99 USD
Edition Size: TBD
More information

Exclusive edition:
RP 699.99 USD
Edition Size: 200
More information

Pop Culture Shock Exclusive Edition:
RP 625,- USD
Edition Size: 50
More information

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