Posted by Ikaryas on May 9, 2011

Our team

  • Ingis

    My name is Ingis. I’m from Belgium, a little country in the middle of the Western-Europe. I’m born in 1985. I’m getting old.

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  • Ikaryas

    I’m Ikaryas, I’m the one who came up with this idea and decided on the name given to this little project. Did I Mention I’m Crazy comes forth out of the strange looks we get when people see our collection.

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

I’m a Superhero!

I love these kind of things, but who doesn’t?

Apparently, I’m a Superhero: selfless, moral and vigilant… I see that… But I’m also condescending, pious and sanctimonious… Don’t really see that… Or maybe only that last one.
So, what are you?

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