Posted by Ikaryas on June 9, 2011

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

As long as there’s music, I’ll keep on dancing.

One of the most eye catching games on the new generation of consoles was, without any doubt, Bayonetta. Not only did I buy the Climax Edition (and some other stuff) from this awesome game, I also bought something really nice on Ebay about two weeks ago featuring the sexy Bayonetta!

There isn’t much merchandise from this game, which is a really darn shame. The only merchandise are some Kai Play Arts (Square-Enix) and one or two resin kits. I don’t like the play arts because I generally don’t like action figures. The only exception were the Neca Bioshock figures and the Megaman figures by Bandai. Even though I like the resin kits, my assembly skills are just high enough for an Ikea cabinet and my painting skills are only applied on my walls… Nothing close enough for assembling and painting a complete resin kit. So I’m still waiting for a company to finally make something for Bayonetta.

To still my hunger a bit while waiting, I’ve searched the Internet for nice Bayonetta stuff. I already found the Climax edition, the limited edition guide and the limited soundtrack. The last two are still on my to-review list for DIMIC. Don’t worry, they will get their own post as well. And suddenly I stumbled on something so amazing, so great, I just had to have it. And oh my, guess who the artist is that made this amazing piece! Yes, no one less than Adam *frekking* Hughes! I just love that guy! His artwork and skills are amazing. Wish I could draw like that… My art teacher also wishes that I could draw like that, would makes him cry less.

But enough of the chattering. It’s time to discuss this great piece or art.

This artwork was made by Adam Hughes and commissioned by Sega as a promotion for the re-release of Bayonetta. Not entirely sure about that since I don’t find a lot of information on this. There are only 75 made world wide which makes this rather limited. I don’t even know how people got their hands on it in the first place. The only ones you find now are in possession of passionate fans like myself or on Ebay. The lithograph measures about 12,5 x 8,5 inch (roughly 32 x 22 cm) so it isn’t exactly big. It’s rather small. But that’s quite normal for AH prints. Besides, small doesn’t mean that the art work is bad. On the contrary, the art is amazing. The colors are well chosen en the whole print is vibrant and playfully sexy. And other thing, small also means more litho’s on a wall!


Item reviewed: Bayonetta Lithograph
Type: lithograph
Artist: Adam Hughes
Variations: none
Rarity: Quite hard to find and usually quite expensive if you do. 75 made worldwide

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