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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

After fighting you I can’t help but wonder… Are my thighs really that thick?

Pop Culture Shock brings us a new statue in their Street Fighter Mixed Media line. And we like.

As you might have read before, we already got some statues from their line. Not all, but the ones we like the most, being Vega, M. Bison and Cammy. We’ve known for quite a while that another lady was in the works but finally I got the time and information to make this post.

You’d probably already guessed which lady I’m talking about. The (immensely cute) introduction image is a bit of a give-away. Chun-Li is one of the most known fighting gals in this universe and with a good reason. Let’s quote again, shall we.

Chun-Li is a video game character produced by Capcom. First introduced in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, she has since appeared as a player character in nearly all subsequent games. Her name in Mandarin is (chūn “Spring”, lì “beautiful”).
An undercover Interpol agent, Chun-Li enters Street Fighter II ‘s fighting tournament as a way of getting to its founder, M. Bison. She seeks to avenge her father, who was murdered while investigating Bison’s crime syndicate, Shadaloo. Chun-Li is notable for being the first female playable character in a fighting game, and has acquired the nickname “First Lady of Fighting Games” among enthusiasts.

Chun Li is the ninth release for this line (not counting the different exclusives and such) and the first image was shown more than a year and a half ago. The reasons for the continuous delays were mainly missed deadlines and fabric problems. Also the fact that it took almost a year to get the sculpt approved didn’t really help. Capcom’s a b*tch but hey, they make good games.
What also really didn’t help, and I’m quoting Jerry on this:

> This costume is a nightmare.
> We’ve done and re-done this costume 4 or 5 times over the past 8 months so we have tried it all.

If you’re a die-hard fan you’d probably notice that some things don’t belong to one-other. The main reason for this is that Jerry tries to take only projects he’s a fan of and instead of replicating a single piece of artwork he try to combine many to capture the essence of the character. His words by the way. Doesn’t bother me. I like artistic interpretations.

There were a lot of negative comments on the tights. Too tick, wrong color, legwarmers… Also the face got some criticism. But Jerry wouldn’t be Jerry if he didn’t listen to his fans and he made some changes here and there. And I must say, it’s for the best. Not that I didn’t like it before. I was okay with it. No problem whatsoever. But I must admit that it looks even better now. Who’d thought it would have been possible.

This is one of the only Chun Li representations that I really like. Big kudos to Rick Force, who sculpted about 90%, and Jerry, who (re-)did the hands and the boots. Only other one I kinda like is the Yamato version. But it doesn’t hold a candle to this one. And I’m not even going to talk about the Sota one… They usually got good ideas but I just hate their face sculpts and they usually have sloppy paintjobs… Ah well, will see when I get my Darkstalkers.

As usual, there’s going to be an exclusive edition for SideShow Collectibles. But Jerry is also going to make a Pop Culture Shock website exclusive! But I’m afraid that pre-orders for that one are already sold out. Luckily, we managed to snag one. Had to stay up ’till 3am last night to do so but I’m happy I did. There are going to be 75 pieces made of this edition so that’s not much. It was pure luck we got one since it was like a lottery. You had to email Jerry on or after 6pm PDT/PST/whatever and if you were with the first 75 to do so, you got one (if you paid the NRD within 24 hours). There were about 300 mails (!) that had the 6:00pm time stamp so it really came to the second. Still feel a bit pumped that we got one! And on Ingis his birthday too. When he asked this morning if we had her I lied and said no, only to give him the printed email with his birthday card. He was happy.

I included a lot of pictures, mainly from the production stages and SDCC. There are also some official shots but none yet from SideShow Collectibles since she isn’t online yet. When she does, I’ll update this post with the correct edition sizes, prices and stuff like that. Ah, before I forget. The black one is the PCS exclusive, the red SSC exclusive and the blue is the regular. The black and red are just Photoshop manipulations/re-colors because the final products aren’t ready yet. Just so you know.

Normal edition:
RP 314.99 USD
Edition Size: 550
More information

Exclusive edition:
RP 324.99 USD
Edition Size: 200
More information

Pop Culture Shock Exclusive Edition:
RP 330,- USD
Edition Size: 75
More information

Chun Li Mixed Media Statue

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