Posted by Ikaryas on October 26, 2011

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    My name is Ingis. I’m from Belgium, a little country in the middle of the Western-Europe. I’m born in 1985. I’m getting old.

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  • Ikaryas

    I’m Ikaryas, I’m the one who came up with this idea and decided on the name given to this little project. Did I Mention I’m Crazy comes forth out of the strange looks we get when people see our collection.

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

The Biggest Comics, Sci-Fi and Anime Festival in the Benelux!

Well, that’s what she said.

No seriously, this probably is indeed the biggest one here. Not that hard actually since we don’t got a lot of these festivals or cons as they like to call it in the States. I’d love it to go to the SDCC or the NYCC or whatever someday but for now, this’ll do. This’ll do.

FACTS is held once a year and people from all around go there. You got people from Belgium (duh), the Netherlands, France, England, Germany, … and it’s held for two days only. Just Saturday and Sunday. Because we work on Saturday (and because that’s also the busiest day and so not much fun), we like to go on Sunday.

This was the first year we got to go without needing to hurry. The previous two years, we helped friends with their stand so we didn’t get to see everything. We didn’t take any pictures this year, maybe the next one. But, I did take pictures of our loot! Looky here:

As you can see, we bought quite a lot of comics. And I found the complete Dragon’s Lair series (the one from Crossgen) and the first three of the Space Ace series (also the ones released by Crossgen). That leaves only the last three of the Space Ace and the other series of Dragon’s Lair (both by Arcana Studios).

I also love those plushies! Aren’t they cute? Only shame are the eyes of that Lakitu (you know, that guy on his cloud and with that Spiny), they are a bit… weird. But that Dry Bones, Hammer Bros. and that Bowser are just so darn cute! As are the others! Does it show that I love (Nintendo) plushness?

Now, I’m wondering if you also went to FACTS. And if so, what did you think of it and how big was your pile’o’loot?

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