Posted by Ikaryas on March 13, 2011

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Did I Mention I'm Crazy?

Bayonetta – Climax Edition

While we here in Belgium could only get the regular edition, those bastards in the UK got a special. So up, up and away, although not a fancy special, we imported the Bayonetta Climax Edition.
Even though it’s one of the ‘pay way to much for what you get’ special editions I’m quite pleased with it.
Why? I’ll tell you.

I just love the box art. It’s dark, feminine, minimalistic, simply gorgeous! And it includes a soundtrack and art book.

On to the first item: the soundtrack, contained in a simple slipcase. After ripping it and putting it back in the box, I started to listen to it. And I keep listening! Although a very short soundtrack (only 6 songs of the 150 that the OST contains!), I can’t really stop listening to it.
Songs contained:
1. One of a Kind
2. Riders of the Light
3. Battle for the Umbra Throne
4. Theme of Bayonetta – Mysterious Destiny
5. The Old City of Vigrid
6. The Gates of Hell

Next, the art book. One of the most disappointing art books I’ve ever held on to. The art is nice, that’s true, but there isn’t much included in the book which really is a shame. Most of the pages consist of in-game material, not really (concept) art, which I really prefer…

Also this is one of those special editions that doesn’t trow in something special for the game case itself, it’s just a standard game box. Which is a darn shame if you ask me… Even a black box would have suited this edition better.

There was also a special pre-order bonus (or if you had the Aussie version, it was just a part of the Climax Edition), namely the Scarborough Fair Gun Replica. Since we wanted the Climax Edition and not just a regular edition (and we didn’t know of this at that time), we didn’t get the pre-order bonus. Even though the quality is a laugh, I still want one of these…

– Beautiful soundtrack, although a bit short
– Nice box art
– Way to little art in the art book
– I want more goodies!


Item reviewed: Bayonetta Climax Edition
Type: game, Xbox 360
Variations: pre-order edition included the Bayonetta Replica Gun
Rarity: quite uncommon even so early since release, the Replica Gun is more common though

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